Nuts and more nuts
Nuts are healthy for you because they're alkaline-based (Grant Cochrane/Free Digital Photos)

The acidity or alkalinity of foods can be classified by how we process them. Our bodies transform nearly all foods we eat into acid or alkaline bases. Though we need a balance of different foods for good health, most people eat far more acid-producing foods than alkaline-forming foods.

Too many acid-producing substances cause a chronic condition called acidosis, which means the body has become too acidic. Additionally, acid is produced in the body whenever we experience stress or strong emotions such as anger or fear.

As you can see, the typical Western diet and lifestyle moves us in the opposite direction of optimal health. Indeed, cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment. They do not do as well in a slightly alkaline body.

When your blood is optimally pH balanced, it carries oxygen more efficiently. Oxygen contributes to a strong metabolism, gives you energy, and keeps you healthy. It helps to destroy cancer cells because they are anaerobic.

They do not do well in a body that has plenty of oxygen. It also plays a key role in how well you sleep. Blood cells tend to clump together in a more acidic environment. Healthy red blood cells are spaced apart from each other.

Consequently, the blood can move freely throughout the body and get into even the small capillaries. As a result, you feel like your whole body is in harmony. During deep sleep, proper blood flow is important for healing and repair of the body.

When the blood is healthy, your sleep is energizing, rejuvenating and you need less of it. Conversely, research confirms that when we don’t sleep well, we are tired and lack energy; we tend to eat more food, especially the fattening, high-carb fare that packs on the pounds; and we don’t have the optimal chance of healing from disease, illness, or injury.

Also, without ample oxygen, the metabolism slows down and food digests more slowly, causing weight gain, sluggishness, and food fermentation. Fermented food contributes to yeast overgrowth, fungus, and mold throughout the body. 

Too much acid impairs thyroid and adrenal function, meaning there’s a drop in the hormones needed for a fired-up metabolism. With slow hormone activity, the body won’t turn fat and calories into energy as easily. Many people in this condition say they don’t eat much and should be losing weight, but just can’t seem to drop even a pound or two with a very strict diet.

Foods that are acidic in the final metabolism:

  • Meat, poultry, fish, eggs
  • Dairy
  • Sweets
  • Grains
  • Alcohol (wine, beer, liquor)
  • Coffee
  • Black tea
  • Soda pop
  • Sports drinks
  • Junk food

(Also, negative emotions)

Alkaline Foods

  • Vegetables & veggie juices
  • Fruit
  • Nuts
  • Seeds 
  • Sprouts
  • Legumes (beans, lentils, split peas)

About 75 percent of your diet should be alkaline, and 25 percent can come from the acid-promoting foods category. Vegetable juicing is one way to greatly increase the alkaline foods in your diet. Also, raw food dishes are alkaline.

These “live foods” also give us biophotons, which feed the mitochondria of our cells—the energy units that produce ATP, our energy fuel. Dehydrated foods are considered live food if you dehydrate them at a temperature below 118 degrees. With all the fresh vegetables available in the summer, its easy to eat plenty of raw dishes and bring the body back into pH balance.

Brenda’s Story of Hope

The following is a letter written to Cherie Calbom from a reader:

When my husband began reading the January, 2013 issue of Charisma, he said to me, “You might be interested in this article.” It was “Get Juiced!” by my new-favorite-person-in-the-whole-wide-world, Cherie Calbom!!

As soon as I read her article, I ran to my laptop to Google the Juice Lady.  I promptly ordered five of her books and a juicer.  I devoured a couple of the books as soon as they arrived.  But one book—The Complete Cancer Cleanse—just sat on my desk unread. I wasn’t even sure why I had ordered it. I was not dealing with cancer and no one in my family had cancer either. I would soon find out why.

In early March, my son called with a diagnosis of Stage 3 cancer in his lymphatic system. At that point, I knew why I had ordered “The Complete Cancer Cleanse” from Cherie. I over-nighted it to my son and he immediately made a dramatic lifestyle change to juicing and raw foods. Soon after, he interviewed Cherie for his radio show. She recommended a visit to a health retreat for a week of juicing and raw foods.

I am convinced the chain of events from Charisma to juicing to the raw foods and juice cleanse week played a major role in my son’s recovery. All the glory and praise to God for that!

I was so inspired by Cherie’s own story that I had a “juicing” party last month and challenged the ladies to consider juicing.  By then I had seven of her books and spread them all out on the counter for my girlfriends to review. They all loved the various juice recipes.  Some went out the next day to purchase a juicer.

One lady said she was going to retrieve her dusty juicer from the top shelf and use it!  I am juicing twice a day, and I feel energized and have lost 2 dress sizes.—Brenda

If you you or someone you know has cancer or any other health concern, juicing and dietary changes can make a big difference in healing. You may want to attend one of Cherie's Health & Wellness Raw Foods and Juice Cleanse Retreats. For more information, go to

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