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You don’t have to live with headaches because God can heal all your pains and problems! His Word says, “Jesus traveled throughout Galilee teaching in the synagogues, preaching everywhere the Good News about the Kingdom. And he healed people who had every kind of sickness and disease” (Matt. 4:23-24).

His plan for your life has no place for headaches. Learn how to eliminate your headaches through good nutrition, exercise, vitamins, and spiritual steps of faith.

Uncover the Source

There are two basic categories of headaches—migraine and tension. These will be our focus right now.

Do you know where the pain is coming from? There are no pain-sensitive nerves inside the brain so it has to come from somewhere else. But where?


These headaches are caused by dilation of the blood vessels in the head and typically affect only one side. Nausea and/or vomiting usually accompany these episodes. About 10 percent of all men and 20 percent of all women have experienced a migraine during their lives but they can actually begin in adolescence.

There are three types of migraines. With a common migraine, there are no associated visual disturbances but lasts longer and usually the nausea and vomiting are worse than the other two types.

A classic migraine follows a brief episode of symptoms such as dizziness or visual disturbance.

With a complicated migraine, you may have no pain but it causes neurological signs such as double vision, unsteadiness, dizziness and speech problems. Increasing the levels of serotonin may help gain immediate relief and may assist relaxation even under times of stress.

Tension Headaches

Nearly everyone has felt the discomfort of a tension headache! These are far more common and make up about 90 percent of all headaches. You may experience any, some, or all of these symptoms:

  • Dull ache at the back of the head, neck or forehead
  • Pressure around the head
  • Sore neck
  • Knots in the upper back.

These headaches are often caused from:

  • Stressful periods in a person’s life
  • Inadequate sleep
  • Food allergies
  • Constipation
  • Poor diet
  • Hormonal changes
  • Repressed emotions.

If you are experiencing any of these types of headaches, your body is trying to tell you that there is a problem and you need to do something about it soon!

Relax and Exercise

Exercise can dramatically reduce the stress that causes headaches. Stress is the most powerful contributor to migraine headaches. It causes adrenaline to be released in your bloodstream, which gets your body ready for “fight or flight,” and also causes vessels to constrict. As adrenaline levels decrease, blood vessels are more likely to dilate, which can trigger a migraine.

Did you know that your body produces natural painkillers? They are called endorphins. They can be released into the body through exercise or even something as simple and stimulating as laughter.

Here are suggestions to help alleviate headaches:

  • Simple stretches
  • Aerobics
  • Hot and cold packs
  • Biofeedback
  • Deep breathing
  • Acupuncture
  • Good posture
  • Frequent breaks
  • Regular and uninterrupted sleep.

You may want to try some of these or different combinations, but they will definitely reduce the discomfort that you have been experiencing!

Good Nutrition Brings Good Health

If you suffer from migraines, you will want to keep a food diary. When you experience a headache, make a list of the foods you have eaten in the two hours prior to the onset. You might be surprised to see patterns develop as you plan your recovery.

Avoid Dietary Enemies

  • Chocolate
  • Red wine, brandy, sherry and beer
  • Fermented foods such as soy sauce, pickles and sauerkraut
  • Aged cheeses, sour cream and yogurt
  • • Pickled meats
  • Dried fruits such as figs, raisins and dates.

Other preservatives and ingredients to avoid would be:

  • Sulfites
  • Yellow Dye No. 5
  • MSG
  • NutraSweet.

You can improve the quality of your life by watching what and when you eat and drink. Usually people who suffer from migraines and tension headaches are significantly depleted in certain vitamins and minerals.

A Closer Look at Nature

Herbs and supplements can dramatically reduce headache symptoms. Here are a few that can help you defeat migraines:

  • Magnesium – A mineral that maintains the tone of your blood vessels.
  • Fish oil – Decreases a dangerous form of fat that may trigger migraines.
  • Feverfew – Prevents and relieves migraines for many, vasodilating substance and maintains blood vessel tone.
  • 5-HTP – An amino acid useful in preventing migraines.

When taking any new supplement, please consult your personal physician first!

Organic Headaches

Sometimes there are organic problems that may cause a headache. It is easy to overlook the obvious and that is why these possible causes are listed:

  • Sinus
  • Eyestrain
  • Dental problems
  • TMJ (temporal mandibular joint)
  • Birth control pills
  • Cigarette smoke (actually smoking or even second-hand smoke)
  • Changes in barometric pressure
  • Perfumes
  • Sunlight, fluorescent light or computer monitors
  • Traveling at high altitudes

All of these may cause problems and are simply overlooked as potential triggers to headaches. Identifying the source of your problem is more than half of your battle.

Painfree Living

Finding healing comes from finding the Healer and that is part of who He is! Learn to meditate on God’s Word because it is a powerful weapon against the effects of stress.

You can experience two of the most powerful forces on the earth today—faith and prayer. God has great plans for you—just ask Him.

The preceding is an excerpt from Don Colbert’s book, The Bible Cure for Headaches.

Don Colbert, M.D., is board-certified in family practice and in anti-aging medicine. He also has received extensive training in nutritional and preventive medicine, and he has helped millions of people discover the joy of living in divine health.

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