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(Kevin Lamarque)

Today Time magazine editor Rick Stengel announced that President Barack Obama was Time's Person of the Year for 2012. Highlighting the President's historic re-election, which made him the first Democratic president to garner the popular vote for two consecutive terms, the magazine said that Obama represents a new period in American historya turning point.

This indeed is a turning point, one that is more indicative of our deteriorating culture, than its modernization, as the magazine espouses.

It is commendable that Obama has motivated young people under 30 and minorities to become politically active, but he has also emboldened the homosexual agenda and the pro-choice movement. We've long had leaders, especially in Hollywood, pushing these agendas, but for the leader of the free world to advocate these unbiblical themes, this has greater ramifications. Quickly the homosexual lifestyle is being embedded into our country's fabric. Results from various polls show that the gay lifestyle is becoming increasingly accepted among young people. Abortion is no longer seen as slaughter, but rather a simple "choice."  

As Christians in America we can no longer sit back and watch as Biblical morality is seeded as old-fashioned or deemed passé. We can't continue to live as if our only job on earth is to get to heaven and be a good churchgoer. Don't misunderstand me, I look forward to the day I get to rest in my Father's arms, but I also understand that He has given us the power to do greater works on earth to further His message. We need to soak in the word of God, live out Biblical truths and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us every step of the way.

We should be impacting our neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and, yes, interacting with sinners. Many well-intentioned Christians spend more time worrying about attending church functions than impacting unbelievers outside of church. 

As Christians we do an awful lot of advocating and protesting, which often times amounts to a lot of hot air and not much action. We can't sit on the sidelines any longer.  We have to inject ourselves, holy and acceptable to God, into this game. Our children and children's children depend on it. So if the President has been elevated to person of the year, than we need to lift the name of Jesus up as God over everything.

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