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Charisma Digital September 2016 cover

Faces of the Persecuted Church

With Christianity waning in the Middle East, bold believers still stand for Christ.

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Charisma Digital August 2016 cover

Born for Revival

Bethel's Bill Johnson grew up a pastor's kid with little passion for Jesus. Now he's burning to see the nations on fire for God.

Charisma Digital July 2016 cover

Revival Sweeps Latin America

One church in America has been in revival for 25 years, but the sound of awakening is echoing in Uruguay, Peru, Colombia and other Latin American nations.

Charisma Digital June 2016 cover

Igniting a Generation in Prayer

IHOP founder Mike Bickle is raising up youth with a passion for Jesus and mandate for day-and-night intercession.

Charisma Digital May 2016 cover

Risking It All

Heidi Baker gave up everything to see a revival burn like fire in Africa. The results are miraculous.

Charisma Digital April 2016 cover

When a Movie Becomes a Movement

With faith on trial in America, God's Not Dead 2 arms believers to make a case for Jesus.

Charisma Digital March 2016 cover

Lou Engle - Marked for Prayer

Meet the revivalist who has been organizing the masses for intercessory prayer for over three decades.

Charisma Digital February 2016 cover

Songs of Deliverance

When LaDonna Taylor plays her violin, miracles happen.

Charisma Digital January 2016 cover

Fasting Mysteries Revealed

From breaking demonic strongholds to living a longer life, God has put the keys to a healthy spirit, soul and body in the Bible

Charisma Digital December 2015 cover

What if Mary Had Chosen ABORTION?

As millions celebrate the birth of Jesus this Christmas, pro-life advocates are asking a profound question: What if Jesus had never been born?

Charisma Digital November 2015 cover

A Prophetic Army Rising Up

Cindy Jacobs — God is raising up prophetic people worldwide to release an awakening marked by signs, wonders and miracles

Charisma Digital October 2015 cover

Friends of Zion

The new museum in Israel celebrates Christianity's hidden defenders of the faith who helped protect the Jews.

Charisma Digital September 2015 cover

The Great Convergence

Blood moons, the Shemitah, rise of the end-time Babylon and the Antichrist

Charisma Digital August 2015 cover

40 People Who Radically Changed Our World

As Charisma reflects on its 40th anniversary we're featuring 40 people whom the Holy Spirit used to radically change our world.

Charisma Digital July 2015 cover

This Election Will Impact Generations

The coming generations will feel the impact of today's decisions. Who are you thinking about when you vote?

Charisma Digital June 2015 cover

The Supernatural - As Seen on TV

Sid Roth showcases the miraculous move of the Spirit

Charisma Digital May 2015 cover

An Appeal to Heaven

At this time of national crisis, many believe America's greatest hope is an appeal to heaven.

Charisma Digital April 2015 cover

Jesus Goes to Hollywood

The Silver Screen's biggest star is back this Easter with a special guest appearance by the Holy Spirit in Roma Downey & Mark Burnett's A.D. The Bible Continues series

Charisma Digital March 2015 cover

The Healing Miracles Preacher

Randy Clark is helping millions walk in the power of the Holy Spirit with reported signs, miracles and even the dead resurrected.

Charisma Digital February 2015 cover

Christians in the bull's-eye

Why believers are the new targets of discrimination in America

Charisma Digital January 2015 cover

The Juice Lady

Why Cherie Calbom's Miraculous Path to Healthy Living Is Helping Millions

Charisma Digital December 2014 cover

O Come, Let Us Adore Him

How to recover the lost discipline of adoration this Christmas

Charisma Digital November 2014 cover

Spiritual Warfare: How to Counter Satan's Attack on Your Family

Amid the culture war against the family unit, we can't forget the real battle is in the spiritual realm. Here's how to counter Satan's assult at home.

Charisma Digital October 2014 cover

The Mystery of the Shemitah

Jonathan Cahn decodes a 3,000-year-old mystery linking Israel's current events, the Sabbath year, blood moons, America's economy and you.

Charisma Digital September 2014 cover

The Case For The MEV

Modern English Version: Why and Why Now?

Charisma Digital August 2014 cover

Recognizing the Holy Spirit

A Centennial move of the Spirit — 100 years of the Assemblies of God

Charisma Digital June 2014 cover


Why Fox News host TODD STARNES' fight for religious liberty goes beyond America's culture wars.

Charisma Digital May 2014 cover

Walking in the Supernatural

Randy Clark explains how to move from an average faith into walking with the Holy Spirit and seeing signs, wonders and miracles.

Charisma Digital April 2014 cover

Mercy in Calcutta

How a 60-year-old Pentecostal ministry continues to transform one of the world's most populous cities.

Charisma Digital March 2014 cover

The Church at the Crossroads

The 8 biggest issues facing the American church today ... and how we must respond.

Charisma Digital February 2014 cover

The Spirit of Adoption

How Spirit-led churches are taking action to alleviate our nation's orphan crisis.

Charisma Digital January 2014 cover

Prayer and Fasting

How to move heaven and earth with a fasted lifestyle of RADICAL prayer.

Charisma Digital December 2013 cover

Emmanuel: When God Is With Us

Supernatural Stories of Jesus' Presence, Protection, and Provision

Charisma Digital November 2013 cover

Feeding Children EVERYWHERE

How a young ministry is using marketplace innovation to fight global hunger

Charisma Digital October 2013 cover

Israel in Target

With anti-semitism surging globally, Jack Hackford explains why Israel needs the Church now more than ever.

Charisma Digital September 2013 cover

America Shall Be Saved!

Why Reinhard Bonnke, Billy Graham and other evangelists are contending for souls in the U.S. like never before

Charisma Digital August 2013 cover

Assemblies 2.0

How 71-year-old George O. Wood is leading the wold's largest Pentecostal denomination into a new generation.

Charisma Digital July 2013 cover

The Worship Issue

13 worship leaders. 13 keys to true worship

Charisma Digital June 2013 cover

Out of Egypt

An exclusive report on God's miraculous move amid a nation in upheaval

Charisma Digital May 2013 cover

Understanding The Holy Spirit

What most Christians don't know about His character, fruit, gifts, power and more

Charisma Digital April 2013 cover

The Spiritual Avalanche That Could Kill Millions

Evangelist Steve Hill emerges from his deathbed with a profound prophetic warning for the church.

Charisma Digital March 2013 cover

The Bible: Made For TV?

Behind-the-scenes, supernatural stories from Mark Burnett's epic tv miniseries

Charisma Digital February 2013 cover

A Call For Canada

How Faytene Grasseschi is bringing her homeland back to biblical values with activist intercession

Charisma Digital January 2013 cover

What's Healthy to God?

Forget fad diets. Charisma can help you jump-start the New Year with God's definition of "healthy"—body, soul and spirit.

Charisma Digital December 2012 cover

Adopting the Spirit

How Charisma readers are spreading the true Spirit of Christmas

Charisma Digital November 2012 cover

One (Big) Hope

Rob Hoskins leads the largest ministry you've never heard of, with a goal to reach 4.2 billlion young lives.

Charisma Digital October 2012 cover

Prayers That Shake America

This special issue is dedicated to the themes emphasized by Anne Gimenez's America for Jesus prayer rally.

Charisma Digital September 2012 cover

Viral Jesus

Ross Rhode writes how discipleship and the supernatural are a natural expression of a contagious follower of Jesus.

Charisma Digital August 2012 cover

Victory Over Death

Sharon Daugherty opens up about leading a 17,000-member church since her husband's passing.

Charisma Digital July 2012 cover

Dino Rizzo

Why this lousisiana pastor dreams of sparking a global 'servolution'.

Charisma Digital June 2012 cover

The Church's Response to Racism

With the issue more complex than ever, the church remains the only hope for reconciliation.

Charisma Digital May 2012 cover

How to Raise a Superstar

Kate Battistelli, mother of Dove-award winner Francesca Battistelli, shares the secret of great parenting.

Charisma Digital April 2012 cover

Beyond Her Words

Joyce Meyer is known worldwide for her teaching, but her greatest ministry may be one few have heard of.

Charisma Digital March 2012 cover

Be Healed!

How to ignite the gift of healing, by Bill Johnson.

Charisma Digital February 2012 cover

Life After Death

How Riva Tims found healing after scandal, divorce and her ex-husband's sudden death.

Charisma Digital January, vol 2 2012 cover

12 Spiritual Trends to Watch in 2012

J. Lee Grady reports on developing stories of God's global move.

Charisma Digital January, vol 1 2012 cover

2012: America's Final Warning?

Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn delivers The Harbinger for a nation in crisis

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