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Articles - Charisma's Coverage in Pictures

A Promise Keepers rally draws 50,000 in 1993
Brownsville Revival
Charisma addresses the multilayered scandals that surfaced in the mid-1980s
David du Plessis is known as the father of the modern charismatic movement
Despite ongoing financial struggles, Oral Roberts opens the City of Faith medical complex in Tulsa, Okla in 1981
Healing evangelist Benny Hinn praying
Kathryn Kulhman is still the world\'s most widely known female evangelist
In 2010 Freda Lindsay, Christ for the Nations Co-Founder, Dies at 95
Lakeland Outpouring
Love a Child missions organization helps after the earthquake devastated Haiti
Pat Robertson announced his candidacy for president in 1986 after receiving more than 3.3 million signatures.
Paul Yongi Cho\'s Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul reaches an unprecedented 100,000 members in 1979.
Rodney Howard Browne\'s laughing revival sparks both controversy and a renewed interest in the Holy Spirit
Ron Kennoly in Concert
Since its first release in 1988, Hillsong has recorded more than 60 albums
The fall of the Iron Curtain opens the door for evangelism throughout the Soviet Union
The Toronto Blessing
Yoido Full Gospel  Church draws international attention to church growth in South Korea


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