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Articles - Charisma Israel Exclusive

Exclusive Charisma Israel Photo Gallery
My first time flying on a 747! Thank you, El Al Israel Airline.
Ben Gurion International Airport
After flying for 12 hours, I could hardly wait to see this sign.
I\'m so excited!
A bus tour of beautiful Tel Aviv, Israel.
Factoid: The United States Embassy is located in Tel Aviv.
There\'s nothing like the sun setting on the Mediterranean Sea.
Beach side at the Mediterranean Sea: The Crown Jewel of Tel Aviv.
Compliments of The Pergula Restaurant, I ate ...
and ate!
The White Pergula Restaurant at the Port in Tel Aviv.
Factoid: Jaffa is one of the oldest cities in the world and bears the name of Noah\'s son (see Genesis 5:32).
Jaffa is lined with narrow walkways Factoid: Tabitha was raised from the dead here.
Old Jaffa. Factoid: Peter baptized Cornelius in Jaffa (see Acts 10: 9-48).
\"I\'m chilly, here in Jaffa!\" Factoid: The Holy Ghost fell on them who heard the word in Jaffa (see Acts 10:44).
I\'m all smiles standing in front of the host hotel: the Dan Panorama Hotel Tel Aviv.
High-rise homes or apartments in Tel Aviv.
Israel 2009
Israel 2009
Israel 2009
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