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Andrew Wommack believes every one of us has plans from God that are bigger than what we're dreaming. Yet we limit God by our small thinking—often without realizing it.

When I heard Andrew say this in Colorado recently, it caused me to realize that I also limit God without realizing it. I asked him to record a podcast, to which you can listen below. He briefly tells how how God convicted him in 2002 because, like the children of Israel who "limited the Holy One of Israel" (Ps. 78:41), he was limiting God in own his life.

At that time, his ministry was "successful," sporting a staff of 24. But when he learned the meaning of meditating on God's Word day and night and when he understood that the word "meditate" also can be translated "imagination," Andrew began to believe God for bigger things and more impact. Today, he has 600 staff members and 70 Bible schools around the world, and he is building a beautiful campus for his Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado, which I visited recently.

He also wrote a book titled Don't Limit God (Harrison House), which I read last week and am reading a second time. While I've understood some of these concepts and have had to believe God for the media company we have today, I've been convicted in many ways that I limit God regarding what I believe He has planned for me and my organization in the future.

However, this message is not only about me or those in leadership who need to understand how not to limit God. Everyone needs to take the limits off God in what they are believing for their own family or church, or how they can be involved in their communities.

Listen to Andrew share his testimony in his own words in this podcast. If you like it, subscribe to my "Strang Report" to hear the several podcasts I post a week. Several recent podcasts have really taken off and we just passed the 100,000 mark in downloads. If you like the podcast, share it with friends and on social media. For more in-depth study, read Andrew's book Don't Limit God.

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And leave a message on my Facebook page on how you're not limiting God and how you are inspired by this message.

It's important to understand that we must "see" what God has for us before we can see it in the natural.

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Here Is Help for Bringing Spiritual Renewal to Your Church

Starting with a word of prophecy, Reverend Charlie Holt has changed how he does church at St. Peter's Episcopal in Lake Mary, Florida by aligning his message around God's heart for the church. It's a message that could bring renewal to your church, too. 

I've known Father Holt for many years because his fast-growing church is only a block from our Charisma Media corporate headquarters. I was excited when I learned about his new venture called The Christian Life Trilogy. As I learned more about it, I invited him to record a podcast. You can hear him tell in his own words how this three-part study series, complete with DVDs and workbook, is transforming hearts and churches around the country.  

The prophetic word came from a woman at a conference with Francis and Judith MacNutt in Jacksonville, Florida, that "the Lord wants to renew the heart of your church around His heart and begin with your heart." With that, she pointed her finger at his chest. In the next year, Father Holt experienced a deepening of his relationship with the Lord and began the study that ended in this three-part series that he calls the heart of the gospel.  

Many churches use it around the calendar of the church. The first part of the series is on the crucified life and dying to self, and centers on the seven last words of Jesus on the cross. This fits in with the weeks leading up to Easter, a time called Lent. 

With Easter comes the second section, focusing on the resurrected life, beholding that all things are new and finding out who we are in Christ.  

The third study, tied into the Day of Pentecost, is on life in the Spirit and finding out about the fullness of living with His presence and power in our lives.  

Father Holt told me of reports of churches and lives that have been transformed from this series. While it is designed for a small group setting, individuals can go through the series themselves.  

You can find out more about The Christian Life Trilogy online at There are free training materials, including seven sessions telling how to implement this in the life of your church.  

Because I know Father Charlie Holt personally, have witnessed his life, know his family and have attended services at his church, I can vouch for him personally, spiritually and professionally. I give this the highest recommendation.  

However, don't take my word for it. Listen to podcast, research the materials and decide for yourself. If you know of people or churches that need renewal, feel free to share this newsletter with them either via email or social media.

As a a way of saying thank you, Rev. Holt is offering Charisma Media readers and listeners 20 percent off any order simply by using the coupon code: charisma. You can order here.

America and the church need a Great Awakening. I believe that it starts with churches that are renewed and living the heart of the gospel as represented in the cross, the resurrection and life in the Spirit. 

What a great way to introduce this to your own church or to utilize in your own life. {eoa} 

As a way of saying thank you Rev. Holt is offering  Charisma Media readers and listeners 20% off any order simply by using the coupon code:charisma.

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Lance Wallnau Is on Fire and on Target With His Insights on the Culture and This Election

Lance Wallnau is on fire when it comes to garnering social media attention. I know this because a podcast he did with me last spring about Donald Trump was listened to more than any other in the history of the Charisma Podcast Network.

He wrote the cover story for the October issue of Charisma about how he believes God is raising up Donald Trump like He did Cyrus in Isaiah 45. I did a podcast about that two weeks ago, which has become the second most listened to podcast I've done. If you missed it, you can listen to it here.

Today, Lance spoke at a conference in Orlando. It was powerful. Afterward, we got a bite to eat and he told me a video about Trump calling out "liberal" pharisaical evangelicals for blasting him for ungodly behavior 11 years ago, yet overlooking his repentance and also the corruption and the diabolical agenda of the Hillary Clinton campaign. In only a few days, it's been viewed more than 3.5 million times! You will want to watch it. In it he says God can use the jawbone of a donkey, but He can't use a Jezebel.

I'm sickened by the self-righteous, weak-kneed "evangelicals" who want to be liked by the culture they are trying to win so much that they compromise and actually play into the hands of the enemy. Later, I may call out some of them by name after I can research what they said and maybe confront them behind the scenes. They need to be exposed and they need to lose their influence and platforms after being revealed for who they really are.

After my last podcast with Lance, he and I kept talking as friends and what he was saying was so good I asked him if I could turn on the recorder to give "the rest of the story." You'll want to listen to that podcast here called "God is Raising Up Trump with Lance Wallnau Part 2" on the Charisma Podcast Network. Then share this newsletter with friends and on social media. 

In other newsletters, I've written about the article Pastor Jim Garlow of Skyline Church in San Diego wrote two months ago that we headlined: "If You're on the Fence About Your Vote, This Pastor Clarifies How the Very Future of America Is at Stake." Since then, it's gone viral, and today it passed the 3.5 million mark in terms of shares on Facebook.

Someone told me the article is like an apologetic for voting for Donald Trump when you don't like him as a person. A friend told me today she wasn't going to vote for Trump until she read the article. She realized this is not about personalities; it's about issues, and the platforms of the two parties are as different as night and day, especially from a biblical point of view.

In this podcast, Lance talks about how America cannot stand 48 months more months of the downward spiral this nation has been in for the past few decades—especially in the past eight years.

When we met today, we talked about a quick e-book Lance wrote called God's Chaos Candidate I ordered it today, and it's fascinating reading not only about Trump but also about the trends in our culture and the agenda of the progressive left. When I checked, it was No. 118 of all books sells.

Please take advantage of these materials and help us get out the word. It's possible that this race will be so close that it will be determined by how Bible-believing Christians vote. {eoa}

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Why Christians Aren't Laughing at Lance Wallnau Saying God is Raising Up Donald Trump Like Cyrus in Isaiah 45

Lance Wallnau believes God is raising up Donald Trump like he did King Cyrus in Isaiah 45. When the charismatic speaker/business consultant first said this long before the billionaire businessman received the Republican nomination, nearly everyone thought he was nuts.

Now, Wallnau's analysis is ringing true with many Christians who are looking to make sense spiritually of this very strange election season.

Wallnau also believes God gives leaders "common grace" to be instruments of His purposes—ones like Lincoln or Churchill or Thatcher. In a recent podcast, Wallnau told me all this and more. You can listen to it here as well as a follow up podcast with Wallnau here.

I felt this message was so important that I asked Wallnau to write it and we published it in Charisma magazine in our October issue which has Donald Trump and Gov. Mike Pence on the cover. An early form of this article was published online in three installments and you can read them here and here and here.

Wallnau told me he had an impression when he first met Donald Trump early this year that there was an anointing on him. He didn't understand the impression since he preferred Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina. Then he saw a meme on Facebook showing Trump as the nation's 45th president. About the same time, he felt the Lord tell him to read Isaiah 45, which says King Cyrus who is called the Lord's "anointed" and later in the chapter says, "I have even called you by your name ... though you have not known Me."

Wallnau then told me he felt he heard the Lord tell him "common grace," and he found the term in a Charles Colson book. It was a term the Reformers used to contrast "saving grace," when there was a basic understanding of God that influenced governments and societies even though the people who had this common grace might not have experienced "saving grace."

I urge you to not only listen to the podcast (and share it with friends on social media) but to read the article in Charisma. The full issue is available digitally behind a paywall and you can access it here and learn how to subscribe.

Meanwhile Steve Shultz, founder of The Elijah List sent out an email about my podcast with Wallnau with this incredible subject line: "Wow: The Bible's 'Cyrus the Great' and 'Donald Trump'—Is This God?" Here, he encouraged his readers, as I am, to listen to the podcast, then he gave a detailed report on what Wallnau said. I found it interesting in how Shultz wrote it, and I end my report by quoting him:

Lance Wallnau shares in this podcast:

  • God anoints secular rulers in history for specific purposes in order to protect His interests.
  • This will amaze you! The three issues that Cyrus took the most satisfaction in:
  1. Dealing with terror
  2. Restoring the habitations or economic stability of their cities
  3. Honoring their sanctuaries or their houses of faith

The Cyrus cylinder (that was uncovered in an archaeological dig) talks about terrorism, economics and faith.

  • This election is so critical ... Lance says, "I don't know yet if the church is going to be as awakened as they need to be—to show up in the force they need to show up in to support what this man's (Donald Trump) capable of doing in restoration. Because 'if history tells us anything (it's this)—when God shows up He's 'disguised' and His people don't (always) recognize Him."
  • "Trump is like a wrecking ball."
  • Trump challenged this group of ministers (who met with him at Trump Tower) and said, "If you don't mind me saying so, I think you guys have gotten soft."

Lance went on to explain that Trump was looking at how fear and embarrassment are so often in ministry ... with the church backing up from issues.

  • Lance continued saying that Trump is like a wrecking ball going toward many controversial issues. And Trump's observation was, "I really think that America's turned against Christianity in the last decade in a way that's not healthy, and I think you guys have gotten soft in terms of taking your ground and holding it."

Only someone like Donald Trump, himself a brand-new Christian, could actually get away with saying that to the church leadership in America. {eoa}

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Dr. Alveda King Calls Out Hillary Clinton For Debate Remark

During Monday night's presidential debate, Hillary Clinton said something Dr. Alveda King knew was wrong.

So the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. of Atlanta sent this out on her Facebook page:

"Sec. Clinton said guns are the number one killer of African-Americans. No, abortion is. Don't support abortion, Sec. Clinton."

Within hours, the post had reached 249,725 people.

I was in Atlanta the next day and visited Dr. King. When I learned of the huge response, I asked her to record a podcast, which you can listen to here.

Dr. King told me African-American babies make up one-third of the 60 million babies aborted since Roe v. Wade made abortion legal in 1973. She lamented the loss of lives and the fact that if each woman had not had the abortion, America would be better off economically and that we will never know of the inventions and cures those aborted babies would have made during their lifetime.

I asked her why so many responded. She said she believes Americans are becoming tired of abortion violence.

I asked how my listeners and readers can get involved. You'll want to hear her response in terms of becoming informed and voting for life.

One thing Dr. King said in our interview stands out to me. Dr. King pointed out that Hillary Clinton has praised Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, who said "colored people are like weeds and they need to be exterminated." You won't hear the mainstream leftist media admit this horrible quote from Sanger. I'd admire Dr. King for her untiring efforts to preach pro-life through Priests for Life and in other ways.

Alveda-King-facebookNot only did the Facebook post from Dr. King take off, but the article Pastor Jim Garlow wrote online contrasting Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton continues to be well-shared. Originally posted on Aug. 11, the article "If You're on the Fence About Your Vote, This Pastor Clarifies How the Very Future of America Is at Stake" had already been shared nearly 1.2 million times by the time the debates took place. The number of shares had really slowed down.

However, in the three days since the debate, the shares have nearly doubled to about 2.1 million and growing several hundred thousand a day. If you haven't read the article, do so now and share it. We're not sure why it has taken off again other than the fact that interest in the election is white-hot as Nov. 8 approaches.

Dr. Steve Greene, publisher of Charisma Media Group, believes that Garlow's well-thought-out article is an apologetic for Donald Trump for those who have not made up their minds.We are receiving messages and emails from readers who say they now will vote for Donald Trump, whom I have endorsed for president.

Both candidates this year are unpopular. But no presidential candidate is perfect. I've come to admire Donald Trump as a strong leader who is right on most of the issues. I believe that despite whatever things he has said or mistakes he has made, they pale in comparison to the email scandal, the influence pedaling through the Clinton Foundation and the lies about Benghazi and many other things regarding Hillary Clinton.

In addition, Hillary's stand on abortion is that it should be legal up until the time of birth. So listen to Dr. King's podcast, read the article by Pastor Garlow and help us spread the word!

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Thousands Rally to Pray for Donald Trump

On Saturday, I received a text from Frank Amedia saying he and other Christian leaders were calling for prayer for Donald Trump before the first debate on Monday. Even though it was short notice, I assigned an article to be written. As far as I knew, a call to prayer for a presidential debate was unprecedented.

We posted the article at 5 p.m. Sunday, barely 24 hours before the debate at Hofstra University in New York. I posted it on my public Facebook page. By the time I went to bed, it had 2,700 shares.

Clearly people believe we need to pray, and my inbox was full of messages of support. By the time the debate took place it had an amazing 34,000 shares and has continued to climb since the debate between Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president of the United States. It has now reached more than 56,000 shares.

Amedia, the founder and director of Touch of Heaven Ministries in Canfield, Ohio, was one of the early supporters of Trump. He hosted a rally last Wednesday along with Rev. Darrell Scott at Scott's New Spirit Revival Center church in Cleveland, Ohio. At the end of the rally, he led a prayer binding and loosing over Trump and vice presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence from Indiana. Watch here to see how respectful they were as others laid hands on them and prayed.

Charismatics and Pentecostals aren't usually visible in politics. If they pray it's behind closed doors out of sight of the media and the public who often don't understand or appreciate how we pray or how we understand the spiritual realm. Yet there are those like Amedia and Scott who feel what is happening in our nation is result of spiritual warfare and the time to be passive or secretive is over. It may make some of Trump's handlers uneasy if they aren't familiar with Pentecostal-style worship, but Trump seems to appreciate it.

Of course, there are so-called evangelicals who are liberal and support Clinton in spite of her policies and beliefs that run counter to what we believe. A number of them wrote nasty things on my public Facebook page.

But I was encouraged by how many feel the need to pray.

The election was one of the topics I discussed Monday with Jim Bakker when I was a guest on his program. We talked about the October issue of Charisma, in which I endorse Trump for president and included powerful articles by Pastor Jim Garlow and Lance Wallnau that we've featured online. (That episode of The Jim Bakker Show will air next week.) If you missed the Charisma issue, click here to subscribe.

Monday I was glued to the TV as I watched the pre-debate discussion, the debate itself and the post-debate analysis. To me, neither candidate made any big mistakes and each scored points. Of course, Trump missed opportunities to drill home about the problems with influence peddling and the Clinton Foundation as well as about Benghazi and the email scandal. But there are two more debates and plenty of time to make his case.

Meanwhile, Amedia is continuing the prayer effort with a "24-7 to heaven" prayer website. 

"We will be posting prayer points and will keep this momentum going," he told me. "Many networks are affirming—providing prayer points and sending out information. You can stay connected to the Prayer Watch on Also, we estimate the total outreach has touched 100,000-plus, taking into account the multitude of ministries and networks. Our goal is to grow the Watch to 200,000 by the second debate."

We will continue to cover this prayer movement. I urge you to share this article on social media and to check out the website when it's ready as a way to be involved. 

And be sure to pray. This is a critical time for our nation. {eoa}

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Respected Assemblies of God Leader's Essential Secret to Success

Leaders must be continual learners. That is the message from Dr. Charles Kelly, who visited my office recently. I interviewed him for a podcast for the Strang Report. What he shared was so good I wanted to highlight the podcast and share his concepts here.

I've known Dr. Kelly for many years. He's widely respected in the Assemblies of God. He served in administrative roles in the North Carolina District of the Assemblies of God, and during his tenure, the district grew from 90 churches to 310. He also served as the chairman of the board for Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, which is where I first met him.  

Dr. Kelly is working on a book, and he visited Charisma Media headquarters to talk to Creation House Publisher Dr. Steve Greene about working with our company. When I found out about his book and the concepts, I was excited.  

He has the idea that leaders need "white space," which is another way of saying boundaries, and the fact that in that white space is the leader's own time for himself. Those closest to that leader should not let others interfere.    

I also asked him about which books have influenced him. One of them is by J. Oswald Sanders, and you'll be interested to read some of the concepts that he shares.  

I encourage you to tune in and listen to the podcast, and to subscribe if you haven't already. Please share it and Dr. Kelly's concepts on social media and with friends.

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CBN's New 'SuperBook' Sparks Salvation Through Animation for Thousands

One of the most exciting partnerships we've done lately is working with CBN on a brand-new version of SuperBook. My sons grew up watching the animated stories about the Bible originally done in 1983. Now CBN has updated them and they are being distributed on television around the world, especially in Southeast Asia.

Recently, Gordon Robertson was in our offices with some of his staff to discuss SuperBook because we are distributing the videos in the retail trade. While CBN could fulfill videos to its partners, it recognized it did not have the expertise to do it at the retail level. Our Charisma House team was able to get it into Family Christian stores and in many other Christian stores, as well as on, and other internet retailers.

When I have leaders visiting the office, I like to record a podcast for my "Strang Report." It was fun to interview Gordon, who has much more broadcast experience than me, about this project and to learn more about the background of SuperBook. He tells how people can learn the plan of salvation through animation, especially in nations that know little or nothing about the gospel. It's also great for discipling people.

steve-gordon-studioYou'll enjoy hearing Gordon and me talk about how children learn from SuperBook and even start Bible studies, along with other interesting stories.

So listen to the podcast and then subscribe to hear other podcasts.

Gordon tells how to get the free SuperBook Bible App available on Kindle, the Google store, i-Tunes and other platforms. You'll get the first 13 episodes and a lot of other things.

And, if you'd like to have the episodes on DVD to have at home to play again and again for your children or grandchildren, you can buy them wherever Christian videos are sold or online. {eoa}

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Why Has Jim Garlow's Article Contrasting Trump and Hillary Been Shared a Million Times?

In early August, someone on Facebook asked Jim Garlow "the question" on how to vote. The person didn't like either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. When the San Diego pastor's Facebook reply was widely shared, Garlow decided to send it to a handful of friends, including me.

When my wife, Joy, saw it, she said it was a message we had to get out, so I asked Garlow to write something for our website. It was expected to pass a million shares today, thanks to many of you who sent it out on social media and via email to your friends.

That's because we knew many Christians wouldn't vote for Hillary's left wing pro-abortion and pro-gay agenda. But they had a bad opinion of Donald Trump, too. It looked like many Bible-believing Christians would sit out this election rather than vote for someone they didn't like.

What Garlow wrote hit a cord. As you can read below, he implores you to, if for no other reason, vote for Trump because the Republican platform is so much better than the Democratic. And, he says that for Trumps problems and the fact there are unknowns about how he would govern, it is better than what we know about Hillary's "knowns" of her platform as well as the the many scandals and Benghazi, etc.

In less than three weeks, the story has become the third most popular article we've ever published online. The second most popular is titled, "50 Reasons Why I Don't Drink," and was shared 1.1 million times, and Lee Grady's "10 Men Christian Women Should Never Marry" was shared more than two million times and is the most popular article ever on our site. If Garlow's article keeps the same pace, it will surpass that by the election.

Today we posted Garlow's article in Spanish. If you know someone who needs to read it in Spanish, please share it.

If You're On the Fence About Your Vote, This Pastor Clarifies How the Very Future of America is at Stake


By Jim Garlow

I have been asked "the question" so many times regarding Trump or Hillary. By way of background, I have followed every national convention—Republican and Democrat—from the time I was age 9, and have attended most of the GOP Conventions from 1984 to the present. I have watched the news virtually every day from the age of 8. I have never seen anything like what we are observing.

In spite of the unprecedented nature of this election cycle, I will attempt to respond to "the question." I am not demanding that anyone else share my view. But I was asked. Here is my best attempt to answer as I am able to see things at this time:

1. The Democratic and Republican party platforms are as different as night and day, in my opinion, as far apart as evil vs. good. The 51-page Democratic platform is the most leftist ever. (I don't care for the "right vs. left" nomenclature. I am far more concerned with "right vs. wrong.") The Democratic platform contains many points which are anti-biblical. (Time does not permit me here to identify what is meant by "anti-biblical," which is covered in my new book, Well Versed: Biblical Answers to Today's Tough Issues.) It is thoroughly ... 

Read More 

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Jack Hayford Reports Anna's Cancer is Responding Well, But We Still Must Intercede

With all the bad news in the world, it's nice to get a praise report like the one I received from my friend and mentor, Pastor Jack Hayford in the newsletter below.

We'd been praying for his wife, Anna, who learned on March 4 she had pancreatic cancer after she began having significant abdominal pain.  Doctors said she had as little as four months and maybe up to a year to live.

That was just less than six months ago. She's had some intensive chemotherapy since. But as Pastor Hayford shares in his own words, her energy is still good and she's not enduring a lot of pain--which is usually expected with this type of cancer.

A few days ago, the Hayfords sent the newsletter to some leaders with The King's University, the Church of the Foursquare Gospel Pastoral list and also to a list of people at Church on the Way. I got a copy and realized others in the wider Christian community would want to get this excellent report, and also to pray.

Next Monday Anna begins another round of chemotherapy. She needs our prayers. She isn't totally out of danger yet. In fact, she will get a CAT scan, which will tell the doctors what is happening with the cancer.

I consider it a miracle she is doing this well. When I called Pastor Hayford about this column, she answered the phone and, to me, she sounded like her old self.

If you have an intercessory prayer group, please add this prayer request, so send this report to everyone you think will be interested in Pastor Hayford's update and who also will feel led to pray for Anna.


It is with the deepest of feelings that Anna and I have received the many cards, calls and letters sent to us over the past three and a half months. We read every one—and our hearts have been deeply moved by the demonstration of love, encouragement and affirmations of your abiding prayers.

From the time that we received the first diagnosis of the assault of cancer on Anna's liver/pancreas, the startling news was almost instantly countered within our souls by a flood tide of peace The Father poured into and over us. That peace has continued—unwavering through every day, week and month since then. Such all encompassing a sovereign display of His grace, as we simply "rest" in Him with childlike trust, sustains our deep sense of His presence overshadowing us both.

At the same time, the constant intercession you have already joined has had a very profound impact; something of a "kingdom warfare" that is both defending and advancing against the Adversary's attack. For this, I first want to thank YOU—to say to each one, "Your part in surrounding Anna with (a) a strong wall of defense, and (b) a marked sense of God's presence and His healing grace is undoubtedly the reason that I am able to write with A POSITIVE REPORT that is becoming verified daily."

First, the evidence of the CT scan done only two weeks ago shows: (1) there is an introductory reduction of the cancer itself (6%); (2) there is no intrusion into the lymph glands, and (3) the liver shows a marked absence of some of the earlier impact of the cancer. Those three gains followed 12 weeks—6 chemo infusions—one every two weeks accompanied by a mountain-moving volume of prayer. As I write, we are one week into the second series of six infusions, which will take us through September.

As positive as that report is, it is certainly enough to awaken high praise to God for manifest signs of His grace upon us. However, there is an even more distinct sign of God's hand mightily at work. There is a sustaining of Anna's strength and comfort as she has moved through these weeks of chemotherapy. Though the impact of such strong chemicals as those being used generally take a heavy toll on the body of patients undergoing chemotherapy, the amazing—indeed, miraculous—feature of Anna's condition is that she feels good—basically, normal—ALL THE TIME!!  Let me explain.

The first day following her first infusion—now nearly 3 months ago, I remember very clearly, her response the morning afterward. When we woke that day, I asked, "How do you feel today?"  She softly replied, "Honey, I hurt all over!" Neither complaint nor melodrama are my wife's style. But her sense of pain moved us to a deepened sense of needed support.

Until that morning, for the preceding three weeks we had only shared the fact of the diagnosis of cancer with our family and a small number of friends, inviting their prayers while asking a small group of elders to pray for Anna—anointing her with oil as the Word directs (James 5:13-­16). We were reticent to appear exploitive of the God-­given favor and larger recognition our years of ministry have brought, and we hesitated to allow word to be spread. This was not a quest for secrecy or to preserve our privacy. We did, however, not want to appear to exploit the moment or bring undue attention to ourselves.

However, I suddenly realized the subtlety of the lie the Adversary sows in so many dear people's minds; isolating themselves so as to "not bother anyone with my problems." How often does he succeed in suggesting there is either a humility or spiritual nobility in withdrawing!  But that morning, I was shaken—recognizing the folly of such reticence. We ALL need the Body of Christ!! The number to whom we turn is not the issue: the Lord our God "can save by many or by few!" The principle is the issue: None of us"lives or dies unto ourselves!"

I took action that day, once again learning as I have so many times: how vulnerable we all are to the lying ploys of The Enemy's deception—even supposing there is a wisdom in our "not bothering anyone with my need or problems." I made phone calls to three friends:  our pastor at The Church On The Way, Tim Clark; the president of our Foursquare movement, Glenn Burris; and the president of The King's University, John Spurling. I had already disclosed the situation to these brethren before, yet asked that they not yet make broader announcement yet.

As a result, word was widely spread, and today the unmistakable "sign" of Anna is constantly feeling comfortable, without pain and in bright spirits. Even our doctors are impressed—pleased, but expressing a bit of surprise—they rejoiced with us, and encouraged us to take the cruise we had scheduled many months before.

THUS, to witness the fact of her remarkable, day-­by-­day, everyday feeling of wellness, normalcy, etc. is only explainable in one way: THAT EXPLANATION IS PRAYER! THE PRAYERS OF HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS who are part of a host who have risen to stand at our side, "lifting up the hands that hang down"—standing firm in faith for the larger issue of her healing.

And, OHHH that there were words to adequately describe how greatly we thank the Lord for YOU—each one of the brothers and sisters who have reached out to us and lifted my dear Lady into the presence of God!

So, I am answering YOU ... whether you wrote a card or note, letter or personal call—or visited to express loving concern and a promise to pray or a reconnect with love. I trust you will know: your "caring" registered with us, AND God is answering your prayers! As you continue, we expect victory-­unto-­victory. The battle is not over yet, but the boundaries of wellness in Anna's system are steadily being moved toward health. With gratitude to God for all, including those physicians whose medical gifts are serving us, we thank Him for "every good and perfect gift (that) comes from above" and we laud and applaud Him daily and, for that matter, nightly as well.  Anna and I sing together each night to proclaim, "Great is Thy faithfulness, O God our Father; there is no shadow of turning with Thee."

May He abundantly bless, keep and prosper your way. Thank you for showing His love toward us.

With an overflowing heart of gratitude ...


]]> (Steve Strang ) The Strang Report Fri, 26 Aug 2016 21:00:00 -0400
Donald Trump Deals With Issues of Faith, Family and Religious Liberty in This Exclusive Charisma Interview

There is a time-honored tradition in American journalism to endorse candidates for political office. Every four years since 1984, we've endorsed a candidate for president, the only election the readers of a national magazine share. This year we endorse Donald Trump. Our cover story and related articles in the October issue of Charisma magazine make the case for our decision.

Before we could write the cover story, we felt we needed to interview Donald Trump personally. We began asking for an interview in June. It happened on Aug. 11 in Orlando. Trump was in town to speak to some home builders and then to a group of about 500 pastors. He told the crowd he had just spoken to home builders, but that they (the pastors) were home builders, too, which got a great response.  

Before Trump spoke without a teleprompter (he said the prepared speech was so boring it would have put everyone to sleep), he was introduced by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. "Every year, everyone says it's the most important election of our lifetime, Huckabee said. "But folks, I'm not messing—this really is the most important election of our lifetime."

After his ad-libbed speech in which he talked about religious liberty issues and even repealing the 1954 "Johnson Amendment" that prevents any nonprofit, including churches, from making political endorsements, I met for 10 minutes in a back room with Trump for the interview. You can hear on it my Strang Report podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network.

I've interviewed a number of presidential candidates, governors and other politicians in my 45-year media career. But the opportunity to interview Trump in the midst of his unlikely campaign strikes me as markedly different.

With Trump, what you see on television is not what you get behind the scenes. A sense of humility surrounded the Republican nominee that many don't see in liberal media soundbites. He still shot straight, but his sincerity was far more striking than what we can portray in black and white in a magazine.

In my brief interview with Trump, I asked him the questions I thought mattered most to our Charisma readers. I believe his answers show a confident, determined man who truly is committed to making America great again through government based on principles that honor God rather than defy Him.

The full interview will run in the October issue of Charisma along with a package of articles that make the case for how God is raising up Trump at a critical period in history and, conversely, how voting for Hillary Clinton and the far left platform she endorses should be opposed at all costs. There is also an interview with Trump's running mate, Mike Pence.

While you must wait to read the interview, you can listen to it on my podcast. Dr. Steve Greene, who has his own popular "Greenelines" podcast, accompanied me to the Trump interview. He and I talk in the studio about the behind-the-scenes of how we got the interview, our observations of what happened that day and why we think electing Trump is right for America. (Charisma Assistant Online Editor Taylor Berglund accompanied us to the interview and wrote observations from a millennial point of view, which you can read here).

Recently, I got some podcast statistics, and Lance Wallnau's podcast on May 6—regarding how he believes God is raising up Trump as He raised up Cyrus—is far and away the most popular podcast ever. Last week, I recorded three more podcasts with Wallnau about what he believes God is saying in this election. If you missed them, you will want to listen. I also invited him to write the cover story about it in Charisma's October issue.

At the same time, Pastor Jim Garlow recorded a podcast about an article we posted 10 days ago about this election and makes the case for why Christians cannot sit on the fence. Already, it's been shared 766,000 times and has had more than a million page views. If you missed the article or podcast, you will want to check it out and also share it.

Finally, I posted an iPhone video of this interview (from which the audio was taken) on my Steve Strang Facebook page. I rarely push that page but you may want to "like" it to receive materials I believe are important. Plus, you can easily post your comments for me to read.

I hope you enjoy listening to my interview with Donald Trump and that you share this podcast with others. {eoa}

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How Together We Can Make a Difference With Donations and Volunteerism For Churches in Baton Rouge Devastated by Floods

Last weekend, a tropical depression sat over Baton Rouge, Louisiana, dumping more than 31 inches of rain in 15 hours, according to some reports, in a flat area already prone to flooding.

The result is some of the worst flooding in U.S. history, and certainly the worst flooding in Baton Rouge. It left up to four feet of water in people's homes and in many churches. Nine megachurches and many other smaller churches have standing water. Not one church in Baton Rouge held services last Sunday.

water-Church-Bethany-under-waterLarry Stockstill, who pastored Bethany Church for 28 years before handing the reins over to his son, Jonathan, in 2011, says, "this is unbelievable devastation to the body of Christ." Already, churches are responding. The Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama, sent 100 volunteers to help with both immediate needs for repairs and longer-term rehabilitation.

Stockstill is reaching out to let the need be known, and I interviewed him on a podcast where you can hear him describe how more than 40,000 homes have been destroyed. He told me, "I've never seen anything like it."

This is an opportunity for the body of Christ all over America to respond. The Bible tells us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

There are two ways to respond. The first is directly to Stockstill's ministry at There is a place to give and also to volunteer.

The other way is to give through This is where we have raised millions of dollars over the years from readers like you. We will quickly send 100 percent of the money that comes in to Stockstill's church. I am giving personally, as well as my organization, and I encourage you to give something and, if you can, to volunteer.

I've known Larry Stockstill for years. He and his ministry carry the utmost integrity. The ministry is taking half of what comes in to rebuild its own north campus, which is a 6,000-seat auditorium under four feet of water. It is giving the other half to other churches and also to a list of widows who basically have no one to take care of them.

Normally in this situation, the government steps in and insurance covers some of the damage. But there are areas in Baton Rouge that are not in the flood plane and many churches do not have flood insurance, as Larry explained to me in the podcast, because they didn't feel it was necessary.

Jesus told us to "do unto others as you would have others do unto you." If any of us experienced this type of devastation we would appreciate others coming alongside us. Together we can do a lot more than we can separately. I ask you to give generously, either directly through or through {eoa}

]]> (Steve Strang) The Strang Report Fri, 19 Aug 2016 15:00:00 -0400
Why Christians Must Do Everything in Their Power to Back Donald Trump

It comes as no surprise that this is one of the strangest political seasons in history. Two highly polarizing candidates have left many Americans, including many Bible-believing Christians, on the fence.

Yet at a "Pastors and Pews" event in Orlando last week, I heard former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee say: "Every year, everyone says it's the most important election of our lifetime. But folks, I'm not messing—this really is the most important election of our lifetime."

In the primaries, I backed Ted Cruz, but the day he dropped out of the race I endorsed Donald Trump—not because he's a perfect candidate, but because he's an effective leader and because the alternative, Hillary Clinton (and the platform of the Democratic Party) are 100 times worse.

I had the opportunity to interview Donald Trump last week for the cover story of the October issue of Charisma. I will write about that more later. But today I'm calling to your attention an article we ran on Charisma News last week by Pastor Jim Garlow of Skyline Church in San Diego, California that has gone viral.

Jim sent me something he posted on his Facebook page, which made a very strong argument that Christians must get out and vote. I sent it to my wife and a few friends. My wife, Joy, was really impressed because his arguments took the election out of the realm of personalities (a lot of Christians don't like either Trump or Hillary so they won't vote for either) to the level of what future we want for the nation. She's right, so I asked Jim to write it as an opinion piece. So far, the article has gathered more than 30,000 shares and more than 498,000 page views. You can read it here in eight minutes. It's so important that we're going to put a version of it in the October issue of Charisma Magazine. But, I need you to help me get out the word now by posting it on your own social media.

I recorded a 20-minute podcast about this article in which Garlow articulates that the party platform of the Republicans is so good from a biblical point of view—contrasted with the Democratic platform, which is almost socialist—that it alone should cause Christians to vote and to do everything they can to back Trump. You can listen to it here for his other very interesting points.

I know this is very divisive (the comments on my own Facebook page tell me that). But this is too important to sit it out. There are other sources of information about this election. But, I believe the podcast and article by Jim Garlow sums everything up with this headline (that I personally wrote): "If You're On the Fence About Your Vote, This Pastor Clarifies How the Very Future of America Is At Stake." {eoa}

]]> (Steve Strang ) The Strang Report Tue, 16 Aug 2016 20:00:00 -0400
Hear Jennifer LeClaire's Vision for Our Websites Now Available With No Ads

My podcast recently was a lively discussion with Jennifer LeClaire who has done a great job of growing our website traffic to more than 5 million different people a month! Her daily podcast, "Walking in the Spirit," gets the most downloads of any podcast. Now she's serving as senior editor of Charisma magazine.

I asked Jennifer why her podcasts have been so popular. You'll want to hear what she said about some of the topics she's covered such as "the spirit of Jezebel," spiritual warfare and prayer. She and I also talked about upcoming issues of Charisma including articles on Sean Feucht and his amazing prayer ministry, the comeback of Jim Bakker and a story at Christmas that will grab your heart. You can listen to this podcast here.

When the first issue of Charisma came off the press 41 years ago this week, we never dreamed of the internet and how it would open doors to reach so many more so quickly. In one day, we post more articles than an entire issue of Charisma and, over time, millions have come to look to us as the trusted source of news and inspiration from a Christian point of view.

Our websites are supported (as are almost all media) by advertising, but it's now possible to subscribe to an ad-free version. As soon as Charisma: Ad-Free came online, I signed up and I hope you will, too, at this registration page, for a small annual fee that offsets the lost ad revenue.

Once on that page, you need to simply provide an e-mail address, a password and a credit card to get started with a free 14-day trial. We are currently running a "Charter Member" promotion for people who sign up before Labor Day (September 5, 2016). The promotion gives readers their first year for $7.95 instead of the normal price of $9.95. Following the first year's special price, it will auto-renew at the normal $9.95 per year rate.

  • Charisma: Ad-Free provides a premium experience to the websites for Charisma Magazine, Charisma News and Ministry Today.
  • Readers will not be billed anything when they sign up for their trial.
  • Trial members can cancel at any time during the 14-day trial if they do not wish to continue using Charisma: Ad-Free and will not be billed.
  • Once subscribed to Charisma: Ad-Free, subscriptions auto-renew when they finish a year later. Users may cancel their subscription at any time. If a user cancels their subscription, their membership will continue until their subscriptions' end date and then they will be returned to the normal websites.

Does this sound interesting? Sign up and see our exciting new website. We will announce soon where you can get the convenient new app.

Help us get the word out on our new site because our vision, in addition to keeping you informed, is to create a growing community of believers. {eoa}

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How the Death of This Pastor's Son Sparked Personal Revival

Bishop Sam Clements leads the Church of God of Prophecy located in Cleveland, Tennessee. Recently I had the privilege of interviewing him at their International General Assembly, which was held in Orlando. I recorded two podcasts which you can listen to below.

In one, he talks about how God blessed his ministry as he pastored various leading churches in his denomination and came up through the ranks. During this time, he came to a crisis point when realized he needed to surrender to God's will instead of following his own. In a positive way, that affected the rest of his ministry.

But, also he has had to deal with extraordinary pain—mainly the loss of a son who died unexpectedly in the prime of life while Sam was pastoring. I believe that what Bishop Clements learned will minister to those who are dealing with pain in their own life.  

The second podcast gives an update on what's happening in the Church of God of Prophecy, which continues to grow, particularly internationally. Some of the church's ministers are suffering persecution in various parts of the world, and Bishop Clements gives insight on how God is using that to make the church grow.    

I asked him the question I've heard leaders ask over the years: Will the Church of God of Prophecy, founded by A.J. Tomlinson, ever merge with the Church of God (in Cleveland), also founded by Tomlinson?

I know leaders in both denominations. I know they respect each other and work together in many ways. So, I took a chance and posed the question. You'll enjoy listening to his reply. Even though he says that he doesn't see a merger in the future, he does believe that Pentecostal denominations can work together in many ways and each complement the kingdom work of the others.  

I hope you enjoy listening to these podcasts. The Charisma Podcast Network just passed one million downloads and I am grateful that my own podcast continues to grow as well. You can sign up to get the podcasts on our regular network or you can download at any time on iTunes or Google Play. It helps when you share my newsletter or the podcast on social media as we try to connect Christians and get out the word about what the Holy Spirit is doing in our day.

]]> (Steve Strang ) The Strang Report Fri, 22 Jul 2016 19:00:00 -0400
When Thousands of Pro-Trump Bikers Rolled Into Cleveland

I had the privilege of recording two podcasts with Julianne Shinto, a political analyst who called me from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. In the first podcast, we talked about some of the behind-the-scenes things we observed which have not been covered by the mainstream media. You will want to listen to it here.

Julianne then told me about the security issues outside the convention center and how thousands of Bikers for Trump have descended on Cleveland not only to show their support, but also to help augment security. The photo here shows a part of this huge group rolling toward Cleveland. You can listen to that podcast here.

Our Charisma Podcast Network continues to grow. Congratulations to Dr. Steve Greene, the publisher of Charisma and executive vice president of our media group. He was the visionary who launched this new venture just over a year ago.

Last week we passed a milestone—one million downloads. Besides my every-so-often Strang Report podcast, there are many interesting podcasts to download. I encourage you to subscribe to those that interest you. {eoa}

]]> (Steve Strang ) The Strang Report Thu, 21 Jul 2016 20:00:00 -0400
Exclusive Report from Republican National Convention from Maj. (Ret.) James Linzey in Cleveland

The whole country is buzzing about the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, which has nominated Donald Trump as its presidential candidate. I have endorsed Trump and I am hoping to interview him in person soon.

When I found out that Major (Ret.) James Linzey, a surrogate for Donald Trump, would be in Cleveland, I arranged to interview him for my Strang Report podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network. It was a lively discussion as he explained what a surrogate does, the enthusiasm being received for the nominee and key points to consider when voting.

This is a live report from the convention itself. I know you'll want to listen to it here.

Instead of actually writing a column as I often do, I invite you to read the commentary by Linzey that we posted on our website a couple of days ago, in which Linzey discusses foreign policy, national defense/security, Veteran's Affairs and more.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Linzey, he is the chaplain who headed up the translation team for the Modern English Version. He was also one of the first evangelicals to publicly back Donald Trump during the primaries.

Previous podcasts and columns about Trump have gone viral. I hope you like this and will share it on social media and also leave your comments. Thursday is the last day of the convention, and we will email some other interesting podcast interviews from Cleveland, so stay tuned.

Key Points to Consider This Presidential Election

By Maj. (Ret.) James Linzey, Trump Convention Surrogate

As a retired military chaplain I was an early supporter of Donald Trump. I made the long trip from California to Cleveland to be a convention surrogate for Trump to the media.  As I meet with them this week, here are the points I'm making. They are points all Americans should consider when deciding to vote this fall.


  • As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton supported the overthrow of the democratically elected president of Syria to make room for ISIS to become an international threat.
  • Clinton's policies toppled the legitimate government in Egypt to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to take over.
  • Donald Trump will prevent the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in order to promote fair international trade agreements that would pave the way for American products to sell internationally and bring millions of jobs back to America where they belong.


  • Marine Lt. Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, who President Obama nominated to command U.S. forces in Africa, stated that the refusal to strike ISIS in Libya "makes no sense." He also stated that he knew of no overall strategy in dealing with ISIS.
  • Trump will be quick to use U.S. military might only in America's best interest, while pursuing a policy of peace and prosperity for America. His main focus in on securing America's borders, not the borders of other countries.


  • Donald Trump is committed to providing premier healthcare for American veterans to honor their service to America.
  • He is also committed to providing outstanding healthcare to women. Many have been neglected and not given access to doctors.


  • Donald Trump wants to ensure that Americans can use their health care savings account for family members under no threat of penalty.
  • He also plans to empower States to manage Medicaid within their own borders with block grants.


  • Hillary Clinton's plans for tax reform will take away jobs and lower wages across the nation.
  • Donald Trump's tax reform proposals will bring relief to over 73 million American citizens.
  • He will also propose a corporate tax cut to empower American businesses to remain in the U.S., hire more American citizens, and raise wages.


  • Donald Trump's economic policies will repair the infrastructure in America's inner cities, create jobs and increase wages. He is committed to paying the national debt, keeping America economically steady and spending no more than revenue allows.


  • Most crucial to evangelicals, Donald Trump is pro-life.


  • I believe Donald Trump was wise to select Governor Pence as his running mate due to the governor's outstanding record of job creation, fiscally conservative policies and impeccable reputation as a Christian and man of integrity. These attributes will enable him to help the GOP defeat Hillary Clinton.
  • His leadership produced the longest growth of job creation in Indiana's history. Under a Trump/Pence ticket, America will thrive economically and the U.S. Constitution will no longer be threatened.


  • One of the first states to allow the National Guard to carry firearms at recruiting stations was Indiana. This enables soldiers to defend themselves, something nearly unheard of while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.
  • Governor Pence is focused on creating jobs for veterans. Under his leadership, Indiana as become the second leading state in employment for veterans, up from the 31st from the top.


  • Governor Pence supports measures to makes sure existing immigrations laws are enforced, which would keep terrorists from entering our borders. He has a track record of voting for measures to make businesses hire Americans first, not foreigners.


  • Among Governor Pence's awards, he has received the following:
  • The "Taxpayers' Friend Award" by the National Taxpayers' Union
  • 100% lifetime score from National Right to Life Committee
  • "A" rating from the National Rifle Association {eoa}
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What the Future of Christian Broadcasting Should Look Like

The TBN studios in London are unlike any TBN studios I've ever ever seen. In a crowded urban setting, they are modern, sleek and impressive. Only in the lobby are there fancy classic-looking columns and gold leaves like I've seen in other TBN facilities.

The London studios were the vision of the late Paul Crouch. He invested more than $25 million in state-of-the-art studios, and this has obviously paid off. In the last year, there have been 1,200 original programs produced for the United Kingdom and Europe. In less than a year, TBN U.K.'s viewership has grown to 2.5 million in Great Britain alone.

All this has been under the impressive leadership of Leon Schoeman, who is originally from Cape Town, South Africa. Leon came out of traditional advertising and owned a broadcast design strategy company which, at the time, was rated in the top five in the country. He was involved in international television and his company launched 60 international networks of some major brands and over 100 television shows.

At the same time he and his wife, Zania Visser Schoeman, were also pastors.

God called Schoeman, TBN's U.K. channel director, into Christian television in a rather dramatic way. He woke him him in the middle of the night and impressed these words on his heart: "They are merchandising my anointing, and I am not pleased."

Schoeman told me: "I didn't know what that meant, and the picture began getting a lot clearer when I started analysing what this platform is about—what Christian television is about, what Christian content is about. The second night He told me, "change is coming to Christian television."

He soon met Matthew Crouch, the son of TBN founders Paul and Jan Crouch, and now the head of that huge organization.

"He is a visionary," Leon said of Matthew Crouch. "He and Laurie are a beautiful couple and they have a strong vision that aligns with what God has told me, and here we are in the U.K."

I met Leon at the Empowered 21 conference in London in May. He asked if he could interview me at their studios. His questions were both probing and respectful. He has a professional, easygoing manner that makes him easy to talk to.

After the interview, I interviewed him on my Strang Report podcast, which you can listen to here. Much of the rest of this newsletter has been taken from that podcast, in his own words:

"We have a pure channel here that just preaches the unadulterated Word of God. It is not polluted with anything else. It started when Dr. Paul (Crouch) answered the call of the Holy Spirit and built the facility in London.

"We believe we are called to be game changers in Christian television. Matthew Crouch, myself and a whole bunch of very bright people are working tirelessly to change the way in which we present the gospel, from a television broadcast point of view. Dr. Paul's calling was focused on access to every nation around the world. That should be our focus.

"In Mark 5, it says to take the gospel into all the world. In this next generation, for Matthew, his question is: "How do we disciple these people?" Where the previous generation focused on access, our job is to create impact. And how do we create impact? We can only impact if our product is relevant. We know that Jesus is always the product and that is the what.

"We work with the United Christian Broadcasters, and we work with a variety of television networks, Rhema TV and all these amazing television networks and we want to have a spirit of unity. We ask them what they have to offer that will complement what we do. The umbrella over that is to get the brand competitive with the major international television network brands. If you look at all these big brands like FOX, HBO and ABC, that's our competition. We need to flip between the channels, and there should be a difference from a design point of view. When people look at content—whether it is a music show, or live music broadcast, or a talk show—we need to have exactly the same quality shows. But what does that look like? That is what we're currently working on— to give Christian TV a breath of fresh air, to just breathe new creative inspiration in that amazing media of television.

"The future is not what we do, but how we bring the gospel. It needs to be the same message but in a current, relevant way so people don't have to tune out or have that weird cringe factor."

I asked Leon why he feels there is sometimes a "cringe factor."

"First of all, we need to honor to all of these great men (who pioneered in Christian television)," he says. "So many lives have come into the kingdom because of that, so many miracles were done through that, and it is all the Holy Spirit. No man can take honor and glory for that, but we have to celebrate the labor of these media generals, if you will. But we have to ask ourselves some hard questions, such as why so many people reject Christian TV and Christian media at-large.

"In certain areas, people have merchandised the anointing of God. We've allowed certain things to filter through that maybe we shouldn't have. And I am not talking any specific network—I'm talking about the wide scope of Christian television. If we were to do a complete analysis of where the root issue is, I think that, often times, we find something that works and we follow that recipe. My wife often says you shouldn't be vomited to your destiny, like what happened to Jonah. Often times we follow the same recipe and we'll get the same result from that.

"If you look at secular television, there is a lot of time spent on strategy, developing the brand and how to effectively communicate with the audience. They are engaged in strategies. We've never been good at that stuff. We've never been good at developing all those different aspects. We need to effectively market Jesus. If we want to stay in line with trends, we have got to put a strong focus on those things and change some of the financial models that are driving Christian television. We need to be smarter and more effective.

Finally I asked: "What do you expect to see in Christian media in the next few years?"

"I think platforms are going to change," Leon says. "When I speak to younger creative people (I tell them) just because you put a skateboard or a surfboard in a promo or in a brand doesn't mean that all of sudden you're going to speak to a new market.

"We must be relevant and we need to let youth speak to youth, and peer groups speak to peer groups. We need to be absolutely relevant and feel the pulse of what's going on. We need to get the right people and not a bunch of gray-haired men sitting around a board room deciding what the next youth trend is within youth media. We need to speak to people where they are. We need to speak to people from the right platform in the right way.

"We need to activate Christians. We just can't broadcast to them, we need to activate them to disciple people in their area. We can only do that if we speak to from the right platform in the right way."

]]> (Steve Strang ) The Strang Report Wed, 13 Jul 2016 18:00:00 -0400
These Racial Divides are Principalities and Powers We Must Battle in the Spirit

When a young black teen, Trayvon Martin, was shot and killed in Sanford, Florida, only two miles from my office, our community fell into turmoil. The black community felt that the man who shot Trayvon was being let off because he was white (earlier it was determined that he acted in self-defense, then charges were brought and a jury eventually acquitted him). I saw up close and personal the deep hurt in the black community over this perceived injustice.

I also saw what happens when the Christian community takes a spiritual stand and intervenes.

All this preceded incidents that have since happened in Ferguson, Missouri, Baltimore, Cleveland, and then, tragically, what happened this week in Louisiana and Minnesota.

And now, as everyone should be aware, a sniper shot and killed five policemen who were overseeing a peaceful demonstration expressing concern about the two shootings this week. Seven other policemen were injured, as well as two civilians. Early this morning, our Charisma News service posted two very meaningful commentaries by Michael Brown and Alveda King. However, other Christian leaders are speaking out.

Here is a synopsis of a few:

Evangelist Alveda King – "My Uncle Martin Luther King Jr. said in his 1967 Christmas message: 'When we truly believe in the sacredness of human personality, we won't exploit people, we won't trample over people with the iron feet of oppression, we won't kill anybody.' As many of my friends weigh in on the unfolding issues and death counts in Louisiana, Minnesota and now Dallas, I'm encouraging everyone to step back from violence, reach out to Heaven in prayer, and act to break every chain." Read Alveda King's entire commentary here.

Dr. Michael Brown, radio host and author, Charlotte, North Carolina – "Americans, we must come together and declare that 'All Lives Matter,' regardless of color, ethnicity or social status. Every life is precious in God's sight and must therefore be precious in our sight as well. Together, we must condemn all acts of cold-blooded murder. If a police officer with malice aforethought kills someone with no possible just cause, he or she must be found guilty of murder, regardless of his badge and uniform. And when it comes to the sniper killings in Dallas, no civil-minded person can possibly condone the targeted, intentional, planned murder of other human beings, no matter what animosity they hold towards officers of the law." Read Dr. Brown's entire commentary here.

Tony Evans, Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Dallas, Texas – "Gone must be the days of only pointing fingers at others to fix what they may never fix. Our nation's ills are not merely the result of corruption or racism, although these are evil. Our troubles can also be traced directly to ineffective Christians. One of the real tragedies today is that the church as a whole has failed to advance God's kingdom light, equity, love and principles in our land in order to be a positive influence and impact for good in the midst of darkness, fear and hate. We must do better. We must unite. We must stand together and commit to one another that we will usher in a wave of change, justice, life, safety, rightness, equity and dignity for all. And above all, we must not let fear nor hatred divide us. Peace, unity, love and non-violence should be our rallying cry and the catalyst for change in our nation. 

Bishop Jim Lowe, Birmingham, Alabama – "Everybody is crying out for justice. Have we forgotten? Justice is defined and demanded by God! When will we learn, we will never experience justice as long as we seek it outside of His ways and without His guidance? Take comfort and let the word go forth. Justice will be done! Almighty God will exact justice on all of those who shed innocent blood. Black or White, no matter religious preference, or privilege each will experience the full wrath of God. God has no love for those that shed innocent blood."

Darrel deVille, – "With a heavy heart I am compelled to say. Last night's tragic news in Dallas is a bitter foretaste of what God has been warning our nation and His people about. Greater civil unrest, calamity, chaos, lawlessness, blood and war in the streets is the path our nation is on because of the rejection of God, perversion, greed, corruption, and flood of blood of the unborn. This is WHY God is saying: 'You cannot just promise them a Great Awakening, I need you to warn them for Me. They need to understand what's coming if they do not listen to Me. You must do it with a sense of urgency, like a state of emergency!"

Ryan Bomberger, Chief Executive Officer, The Radiance Foundation – "Every agonizing death is one too many. Last night I heard from those who've lost loved ones to senseless violence, which were mostly the result of black-on-black crime. Yes. Black homicide victims' biggest threat is not those in blue, but those with black skin. Of the 3,021 blacks murdered (single victim/single offender), 90 percent of the murderers were black. In a shocking episode of rhetoric-turned-reality, four cops were assassinated in Dallas because the "pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon" BLM crowd and liberal news media waged their war. Now, they must own the casualties. This isn't the first time cops have been targeted and killed by BLM rhetoric and gun violence." For Ryan's entire article, read here.

Fighting Powers and Principalities

We abhor the violence. We don't condone police brutality in any way. Yet, we also support the police and we are deeply saddened about this escalation from peaceful protest to these savage murders.

As Christians, we must take authority and pray over the principalities and powers that are at work in our nation, in the lives of those who are calling for violence or who are perpetuating violence. We saw in Sanford that we could come to a peaceful outcome when we took authority in the spiritual realm.

Secular people don't understand this, but those of us who believe the Word of God know that "our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places." (Eph. 6:12, MEV). {eoa} 

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What Really Matters

When I first met Minneapolis, Minnesota native Dennis Doyle, he was already a successful businessman in real estate with huge holdings in the Twin Cities and beyond. Over the years Dennis had been involved in various charitable giving and was beginning his journey of building "Hope for the City," a charity leveraging corporate surplus to elevate healthcare access in some of the most broken corners of the world.

I was immediately impressed with the innovative concept of Hope for the City. The Doyles had an extensive list of contacts in the Twin Cities and maximized on the corporate surplus from companies like Target, General Mills and others. Doyle was in the real-estate business and housed the equipment in his underutilized warehouse space for global distribution to those who needed it the most. With these key pieces in play, Hope for the City would be able to move massive amounts of food and corporate surplus for both local and global distribution with a small overhead.

As time passed, Hope for the City grew, distributing used medical and dental equipment that was being replaced with newer models, but was still functioning. Equipment like this could greatly improve the level of healthcare in places like Africa, where they have almost no access to healthcare.

Over the years, the ministry has evolved and we have written a couple of short articles about Hope for the City and the Doyles. But recently, Hope for the City (now called "MATTER") has made such huge strides forward, I decided it was time for an update.

Recently when I was in Minnesota, I visited with Dennis and his vivacious wife Megan in their home about this important and exciting ministry. My interviews ran as two podcasts. You can hear Megan's today. We will post Dennis' podcast tomorrow on the Charisma Podcast Network.

As you listen, you can hear in the passion for their ministry and it is evident their hearts are as big as the state in which they live. The Doyles had been blessed with the resources to give financially to nearly 40 non-profit organizations each year. Yet, they still felt they could do more. "We wanted to know from God what we could do to be really serious about our giving," Dennis said.

Seeing corporate surplus as an opportunity and not as a problem, the Doyles started Hope for the City in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, outside of Minneapolis, in 2000. It soon became their calling to get material resources that still had value, but were otherwise going to waste, into the hands of people that would benefit, specifically people living in scarcity.

"We basically had two international programs where we would ship things overseas, primarily gently-used medical equipment," Megan says. "Then we had a program where we worked with food shelves, and we were just the middle man to divide the food up and distribute it to food shelves. That was it in a nutshell."

From 2000 to 2014, the organization helped distribute more than $550 million in wholesale goods to people in need all over the world. In 2014, Hope for the City evolved into MATTER, with a focus on expanding access to health, next door and around the world. In 2015, MATTER gave away more than $27 million of surplus, with an operating budget of $1.2 million.

A couple of years ago, it became apparent to the Doyle's that, in order to reach the younger generation donors, they would need to rebrand their ministry. The one-word ministry title they came up with was MATTER.

"We felt like the up-and-coming 20-somethings and 30-somethings would be more attracted to MATTER," Megan says. "It's what that generation understands. We wanted people to understand what we do, everything from serving the poor in our own backyard with food to helping furnish hospitals overseas. It makes sense because the whole supply chain matters. The donor is interested in who the recipient is at the end of the line, and the recipient wants to know who the donor is. The volunteers MATTER, and the staff MATTER."

One of their innovations was creating the MATTERbox: A Healthy Box of Food.  Ever conscious of being good stewards of the ministry God has given them, the Doyles and their staff began two years ago to review its food program to provide healthier meals to help combat one of the biggest problems facing America today—obesity. Working with dietitians at a prominent local hospital in the Twin Cities, MATTER developed a breakfast, lunch and dinner portable healthy food program called the MATTERbox, which Megan says is "self-stable and highly nutritious."

The MATTERboxes contain a starch, a protein, a fruit and a vegetable to provide well-rounded and nutritious meals. These healthy food boxes benefit recipients who might not otherwise be educated on how to eat properly and to avoid diabetes, among other major health problem in America.

"The beauty of the MATTERbox is that it's healthy and it creates access to healthy food for people living beneath the poverty level and who are food insecure," Megan says. "We even now have the diabetes departments in various hospitals using our boxes to teach people how to eat properly and to get off of insulin. Obesity and diabetes are America's diseases of the future, and that's why we're trying to do our part to fight them."

"We're a little bit ahead of the industry in developing these MATTERboxes that give people access to healthy food. And we're dealing with non-traditional partners. A food shelf would not be interested in our MATTERboxes. The people that are using them are hospitals, especially if they have a large portion of people below the poverty line that they are serving. Charter schools are using our meals. Progressive churches are using them. The Hennepin County (Minnesota) Sheriff's department is putting them in all of the deputies' cars because they deal so often with evictions and people moving and there is no food in the cupboards. Insurance companies are also on board with the boxes. It's a great thing." Megan says the results of their health-conscious efforts are tangible.

"We're working closely with Hennepin County Medical Center with their diabetes program," she says. "They are not only teaching people how to eat healthier with our MATTERboxes, but they are telling us that they have patients that are getting off of insulin. That is one of the goals, praise God."

The MATTERbox is slowly being introduced in other states, such as Arizona, where the Doyles spent the entire month of February earlier this year. "We talked to the head of the Diabetes Association in Arizona, and they told us about a group of Native Americans who have resigned themselves to the fact that they're going to die early because of diabetes," Megan says. "This doesn't have to be. With simple life changes and access to the right food, they can change the lifespans of their whole group of people."

It might surprise many to know that Gene Simmons of the secular rock band KISS, who has befriended the Doyles in recent years, is one of the biggest supporters of MATTER. After meeting in California through a mutual friend, Dennis began talking to Simmons about MATTER, and Simmons, who grew up with a Jewish background, was all in.

A successful entrepreneur in addition to his musical exploits, Simmons regularly speaks with MATTER's financial donors, and himself holds an annual fundraiser for MATTER in Los Angeles called The Children MATTER. Later this year, Simmons and his band mates will hold a concert that he and the Doyles hope will raise more than $1 million for MATTER.

If you want to go to an exclusive event in the Twin Cities and have lots of money to give to a worthy cause, you can purchase tickets for the event here.

"Many people see Gene as simply as musician. He's much more than that," Megan says. "He's a college-educated school teacher who learned to play the guitar. But he understood the value of marketing, and that's how KISS was so successful. He's a brilliant marketer and manufacturer, and he's been a huge help with MATTER."

If you read this far you're obviously interested in the Doyles' ministry. But what's the take away for your life? It's to ask what resources you have within your own two hands and how God can multiply it to help others! In the same way Dennis and Megan Doyle are an inspiration and example to many of how you can leverage the resources around you to create a world where we all MATTER.

To find out more about the Doyles and MATTER, please visit, or email Megan

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