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The Cost of Friendship

When I first moved to a country community in Israel, I remember seeing an Arab man named Abdul helping the Jewish people with a variety of tasks. He was well liked by everyone on the Moshav, especially by my landlord who hired him. He was very personable, always laughing and joking with the people, but also a hard worker.

Abdul was invited into many Jewish homes for meals and was treated as family by many of them. I thought this was so wonderful, but unfortunately it is not so common in Israel anymore. read more

The Future of the Messianic Movement

The Messianic Jewish movement is unified by one distinguishing commitment, that Jews who come to faith in Jesus the Messiah are called to live and identify as Jews. Our very existence is a challenge to the church concerning its own self-identity as one organically connected to the Jewish people from whom it was born. read more

A Diplomatic Double Standard

Earlier this month, Afghan President Hamid Karzai, lashed out at the United States. Although it is widely reported that Karzai won his re-election by fraud, he made the absurd claim that the international community was to blame for any voting irregularities. Though Karzai owes his power entirely to the U.S. and allied troops fighting the Taliban for him, he dared to criticize his defenders. read more

Dance Unto the Lord

It's true that when I went to Israel last year, I "walked where Jesus walked," sailed the Sea of Galilee and ate wonderful cuisine. But more importantly, I worshiped Jesus in song and dance. The music was unfamiliar to me, but the Holy Spirit's presence was evident in the praises I offered up to God. Want to worship Him Messianic style? Click below to watch a video of Gethsemane Ministries. read more

Messianic Leaders Call on U.S. to Retract Israeli Demands

The Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA) has launched an aggressive campaign to protest U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's condemnation of Israel last month for announcing plans to build 1,600 apartments on disputed land in east Jerusalem.

MJAA criticized Clinton for giving a "43-minute tongue-lashing to Israeli Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu," and slammed the presidential aides who denounced Israel in the news media, blaming the Jewish state—and not terrorists—for blocking peace talks. read more

Digging for Oil

A Christian-owned company exploring for oil in Israel plans to expand its drilling operations through a partnership that includes the purchase of a 2,000-horsepower drilling rig.

In a deal announced this week, Zion Oil & Gas will form a subsidiary tentatively called Zion Drilling Inc. through a partnership with Aladdin Middle East Ltd. (AME). The arrangement includes the purchase of $7 million from AME and a series of $1 million payments that are expected to coincide with Zion's drilling of seven additional wells in Israel. read more

Learn About Israel With Jack Hayford

In an effort to help Christians understand the spiritual, historical and prophetic significance of Israel, pastor Jack Hayford will teach a biblical online course about the Holy Land.

Israel: His Land, His Word is a six-week course that will run May 3 - June 13 at Hayford says he wants to help others recognize the relationship between Israel and the Bible. read more

Persecution in the Holy Land

A hot topic in Israel today is evangelism, also known as proselytizing or missionary activity.

Here in Israel, it is not uncommon to take new believers to the Jordan River when they leave their religion of birth and choose Christianity. This decision is much more common among the Muslim people who are disappointed and without hope from following the god of Islam. read more

A Marathon for Peace

Attaining peace through sports is the goal of an upcoming weeklong sports pilgrimage, which includes a 10-kilometer, noncompetitive race that passes Israel's security wall.

Pilgrims of Peace or JPII Games 2010, will take place in the Holy Land April 21-28, and is the seventh marathon-pilgrimage named after John Paul II, who himself promoted sports as a means to peace.

[Photo courtesy of] read more

An Encounter With Jews Who Believe in Jesus

Bob Segal learned early on from his father what it meant to be Jewish. But the elder Segal believed Judaism was a heritage, not a religion, and he passed down his beliefs to his son. Bob was taught that there is no God and that the Bible, even the Old Testament, is a bunch of fairytales. So years later, when Jews for Jesus showed up on Bob's college campus sharing the message of Christ, he says he was infuriated. But what happened next altered the course of his life, and today, Bob has a testimony. To hear his story, watch the video below. read more
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