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Ministries Partner to Respond to the Fires in Israel

The fires in Northern Israel is said to be the worst disaster in the nation's history.  Now Christian Life Missions (CLM) is partnering with Vision for Israel to respond quickly to the need.
Christian Life Missions is the non-profit partner of Charisma magazine.  In 2006 it partnered with Vision for Israel, headed by Barry and Batya Segel, to raise $150,000 to help rebuild a civic center in Northern Israel.  Every dollar raised will go to help in Northern Israel.
"We can spring into action to meet the need because of our relationship with Vision for Israel.  They have the infrastructure and the relationships to respond to the need," said Steve Strang, president of CLM and publisher of Charisma.  "We have total confidence in them and their ability to respond quickly and to use the money as it should be used."
Readers of Charisma also responded generously when the tsunami hit Southeast Asia in 2004. That time CLM partnered with the equivalent of the National Association of Evangelicals in Sri Lanka to respond to the need. And readers responded to Hurricane Katrina, also working again with local churches in Louisiana. read more
Jewish Awakening

A Jewish Awakening?

With more Jews professing faith in Yeshua than ever before, Israel’s supporters wonder if this isn’t the beginning of an end-times prophecy being fulfilled. read more

The Joseph Storehouse

The Joseph Storehouse is a humanitarian aid center in the hills of Jerusalem and is the central focus of an ever-expanding ministry, Vision for Israel.

The goal of this organization if to be a source of emergency assistance to the entire community of Israel, whether Jewish, Arab or Christian. Their desire is to be a channel of mercy through the distribution of a full range of items such as emergency medical equipment, food, toiletries, clothing and other necessities. The Joseph Storehouse also warehouses supplies for times of emergency in the land of Israel. read more

Vision for Israel

Founded in 1994 by Barry and Batya Segal, the nonprofit Vision for Israel (VFI) is an international humanitarian-aid center operating in the Judean hills outside Jerusalem, primarily through its distribution outlet, The Joseph Storehouse. Each week, orphans and widows, homeless and handicapped, elderly and geriatric, new immigrants and victims of terrorism all receive food, clothing, toiletries, kitchen and house-hold items, blankets, towels, linens and toys from the ministry. read more

Betrayal in Zion

We are on the brink of a spiritual breakthrough in the nation of Israel. Today, the number of Israeli Messianic Jewish believers is estimated at 12,000, with about 140 different congregations and home fellowships. God is birthing a new end-time movement of Jewish lovers in Yeshua that is becoming a prophetic voice to Israel as well as to other nations. This is truly a time to rejoice.

Nevertheless, many Jewish believers in Israel regularly experience not only rejection by the traditional Jewish religious establishment but also growing antagonism and hostility from extremist ultra-orthodox elements. What is happening to the Messianic Jews is to be expected considering we are in the end times. Similar persecution is being experienced by believers all over the world. read more

Ministry Feeds Jerusalem’s Poor, Both Jews and Arabs

A New York-based ministry that co-organizes the annual Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem is coupling its intercession with action by raising funds to help the poor in Israel.

Eagles' Wings ministry hopes to feed at least 1,000 impoverished families in Jerusalem and other Israeli cities this year as part of its ongoing mission to bless the people of Israel through prayer.

The ministry provided some meals this summer through a partnership with an Israel-based aid organization. But it hopes to raise more funding for the outreach through donations made at its website and during services held on the global prayer day Oct. 3. Each meal costs $18, according to the Eagles' Wings website, with a week's worth of food provided for $189.

"I feel like it's time for us to really pray prayers that we are willing to become the answer to," said Eagles' Wings founder Robert Stearns, who launched the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem eight years ago in partnership with Foursquare Church leader Jack Hayford. "... Yes prayer is vital, yes prayer is urgent, but [we want to do something] from a social justice aspect that also brings a sense of relief and a sense of genuine comfort to the people living there." read more

The Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee is one of the most popular tourists spots in Israel. Yeshua stood on its shores—and sometimes on the sea—and performed many miracles. He saw Peter and Andrew casting their net into the water and said, "'Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men'" (Matt. 4:19, NKJV); He walked on water (see Matt. 14:22-33), and fed more than 5,000 people with five fish and two loaves of bread (see Matt. 14:13-21). To learn how to cast your net in this ancient sea, click below to watch the video. read more

A Grateful Nation

God loves a grateful nation. Just as an individual cannot "out-thank" the Lord-for God pours out His blessing more than ever, so a nation cannot out-thank God either.

Just as those individuals who praised God on Palm Sunday possibly did so selfishly, even ignorantly and for the wrong reasons—and God accepted their praise, so God accepts the praise of a nation that attempts to show gratitude to Him. It does not necessarily matter that every single person who participates in such thanksgiving is a faithful servant of God in his or her private life; God just notices a nation overall that makes any attempt to show gratitude to Him. read more

The Most Important City on Earth

I love Jerusalem! I love it because it's a beautiful city and because it is where Messiah taught, laid down His life for the sins of mankind, and was resurrected, triumphing over death. It is the city of the great kings David and Solomon, and the place where the prophets and other great Bible heroes came to worship God in the temple.

From a human perspective, Jerusalem would not rank as one of the world's most important cities. Even when biblical history was being written in Jerusalem's streets, the city was not as significant as Alexandria, Rome or Athens.

Still, 3,000 years after King David's reign, most of the world's population believes that Jerusalem is the most important city on earth. There is only one possible reason: It is important to God and to His plans for the last days. read more

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