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Spiritual Restoration: Israel's New Covenant Move

While the global growth of the Messianic Jewish movement is a living sign of the times, the development of a pioneering Messianic Bible translation is equally momentous. Could this version—now being used in synagogues around the world—mark a true end-times move of the Holy Spirit in Israel? read more

Jack Hayford: Israel In Target

The ongoing disarray throughout the Middle East has set the stage for an alliance of nations bent on Israel’s total destruction. With God’s chosen people in target 24/7, who will stand with them amid the impending crisis? read more

Hobby Lobby CEO Steve Green

Hobby Lobby Apologizes for Hanukkah Flap

Chastised for not carrying merchandise for the Jewish holiday, the Christian-owned company issued an apology to the Jewish community for potential anti-Semitic comments. Find out what CEO Steve Green said.   read more

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