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Rabbis at Olympics

Sochi Winter Olympics Go Kosher

After years of repression in Russia, find out how Judaism is reviving there and how Jews are being made to feel welcome during the Olympics. read more

Afghanistan prisoners

Why the Hypocrisy of the Obama Administration?

The Afghan government has released dangerous prisoners in an apparent attempt to make favor with the Taliban. Why is the Obama administration crying foul when they pressured Israel into doing the same thing with Palestinian terrorists? read more

Harry Truman

Palestinian Authority President Flunks History

In a recent New York Times interview, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas claims that the Truman administration in 1948 disavowed Israel as a Jewish state. Here’s why that claim is in error. read more

Stephen Harper

Temple Mount Access: Oh, the Irony

How can it be that Muslims decide who gets to visit the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism? Find out how that happened during the recent visit of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Israel. read more

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