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Carol Taylor, Ph.D.

Loving God Fully

When we pursue truth, virtue and service as loving God, our pursuits are acts of worship. read more

The Meal that Heals

The Meal that Heals

Many of us have missed the spiritual significance of Communion. Today the Lord is inviting you to dine with Him. read more

Watch Your Tongue

Watch Your Tongue

Most of us are unaware of how often we displease God with our words. Here’s an idea: Try fasting from gossip, complaining and negative words until you overcome. read more

Can You Hear Me Now?


We often blunder in our attempts to hear God’s voice. But the rewards of obeying Him far outweigh the risks.

  read more

Soul Survivor

I spent 39 days as a participant on the reality show Survivor. I didn’t walk away with $1 million dollars, but I learned some lessons about myself and God. read more

Your Dry Season Will End

All of us have experienced times of spiritual famine. Here’s how repentance and confession can end emotional barrenness. read more
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