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How to Manifest God’s Promises in Your Life

How often do we go through life following our old patterns just because it's what we're used to doing? God has given us valuable guarantees. We just need to know what they are and how to appropriate them. 

How God Works Behind the Scenes to Position You for Miracles

If we aren't careful, we might end up bitterly stuck—seeing the failures and limitations of yesterday—when God is quietly at work attempting to get us to move on to the victories that await us. Are your eyes open to God's miracles?

Why Nothing Is Worth Grieving the Holy Spirit

It is so easy to grieve the Spirit. But if you want a lively, real, unfeigned and constant relationship with God, His Son and the Holy Spirit, you must get to know God's ways. R.T. Kendall explains how you can keep the dove around.

What to Do When People You Trust Betray You

Betrayal is very difficult to overcome, as it breaks the trust that bonds relationships. Perry Stone explains not only how you can break the cycle of betrayal, but also what to do when you are betrayed.

The Bible is our weapon against spiritual cracks in our armor.

Perry Stone: The Unexpected Crack Attack

Are you prepared for Satan's assaults? Revealing how moral failures wear down our defenses, Evangelist Perry Stone offers strategies for overcoming temptation.

Open arms for Christ

Your Voice Can Make a Difference!

With terrorism and violence dominating the headlines, Christians need to make their voices resonate in society more than ever.

How is your walk with Jesus these days?

Practice Intentionality in Your Walk of Faith

One of the most difficult things in a believer's walk is to learn to be diligent and consistent in worship and prayer. Here's how to make it a lifestyle instead of simply a routine.


Why You Need to Rewire Your Evangelism

Whether it’s on social media or by other means, discover why it’s important to dedicate your life to telling the Good News to others using every means possible.

happy man

God Paints a Different Picture

The Lord understands our sorrow, and He can bring us happiness in the midst of it. Will you let him turn your mourning into joy?

Power in prayer

Lord, Teach Me to Wait

When the Lord instructs you to be patient, remember that you are not simply waiting for an outcome. You are waiting on the Lord, and that will produce the best results.

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