6 Different Types of Prayer

Did you know there are several types of prayer discussed in God's Word? Using the wrong type of prayer may hinder you. Learn the different ways to pray.

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A lot of times, people are so used to feeling sick that they don't realize their symptoms are actually a cry for help.

7 Ways Your Body Tells You It's Toxic

By Beni Johnson

If you are sick, tired and overweight, toxins could be holding you back from the divine health God promises.

This is not a popular subject–it's like hanging our dirty laundry out for everyone to see.

Can Demons Possess a Born-Again Christian?

Demonic activity is even running rampant in Christian homes and churches and it needs to be addressed openly so that God's people can be delivered and set free.

Michelle McClain

13 Keys to Receive and Release a Prophetic Word

Prophets can only teach you how to cooperate with the activity of the Spirit, not how to manufacture the Holy Spirit’s activity. Here are the keys needed to receive and release a prophetic word. 


10 Reasons for Speaking in Tongues

Most Christians—charismatics included—don't understand the true benefits of speaking in tongues, nor why this gift is so valuable. Here are 10 reasons to prove why we need this wonderful gift.

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Cape Henry Lighthouse

When Awakening Comes Full Circle

By Jennifer LeClaire

My recent visit to Cape Henry led to a prophetic encounter that should encourage the nation.

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