Here’s How the New Christian Left Is Twisting the Gospel

Why the rise of "hip" or "progressive" evangelical churches is resulting in a mass exodus of young people from the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Franklin Graham has come under fire from a group of pastors for his Facebook post.

Pastors Rebuke Franklin Graham for Sins Against Christian Community

The open letter claims they are approaching him in love. 

surprised woman

The One Thing That Shuts Out God

She prayed a dangerous prayer asking God to show her what shuts Him out. Here's the surprising answer that the Holy Spirit revealed.

What weapons do you take into the spiritual battle daily?

Spiritual Warfare Technologies That Take Down Strongholds

We may discern what's operating against us, but we don't always tap into the right spiritual warfare technologies. If you're wrestling, you need this revelation.

Only the power of the cross can break Satan's strongholds on your family.

Satan, Keep Away From My Bloodline!

Here's how the power of the cross can break the strongholds and curses the enemy tries to put on your family.

Do you turn to God's Word when you need comfort?

10 Bible Verses for Comfort When You’re Hurting

The right word at the right time can help us when we need comfort in our suffering. Here are some Bible verses with words that have the power to give that comfort.

Kirk Franklin is redefining 'greed' vs. 'need.'

After $65 Million Jet Flap, Kirk Franklin Questions Creflo Dollar's Character

Is the gospel star being too hard on the megachurch pastor?

Carpenter's Home Church in 1985

Sad Day: A 10,000-Seat Charismatic Church Building Will Be Torn Down

It's the end of an era for the Carpenter's Home Church. What does it mean?

Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn: 'Absolutely No Heart Attack'

Refuting an erroneous online report that said he suffered from a heart attack, Benny Hinn cleared the air in my exclusive interview with him.


Millennial Revivalist Tore Down Idols, Raised the Dead

"She has the gift of prophecy, too, and is able to tell people to their faces what sins they have committed."

'American Idol's' Clark Beckham Talks Spiritual Battles in Hollywood

He's using his music as a platform to honor God. Could he be part of an awakening?

Spouse argument

Here Is Perhaps the Greatest Failing of Godly Husbands

If all husbands would learn to do this, their marriage might simply flourish instead of flounder.

Creflo Dollar has canceled his campaign to fund a new jet.

Creflo Dollar Cancels $65M Private Jet Campaign

Turns out he doesn't need $65 million from donors after all.

This is a Gulfstream 650 jet, like the one Creflo Dollar wanted to purchase.

5 Reasons Creflo Dollar Shouldn’t Buy a New Jet

Why is a preacher insisting on being treated like the king of a small country?


Dutch Sheets Shares Prophetic 'Mega Grace' Revelation

"There is a new level of apostolic grace being distributed that will take the gifting to a new measure spiritually and physically."

Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn Released From California Medical Center

Here's what the worldwide evangelist had to say about his condition after being treated this week for Atrial Fibrillation.

You'll need strength when contending for your breakthrough.

Overcoming Spiritual Opposition to Your God-Given Dream

Do this and you won't be overtaken during the time when you need to contend for your breakthrough the most.

Chuck Pierce mantles Glenn Beck.

Chuck Pierce Mantles Glenn Beck in Church Ceremony

"I look forward to him, like all of us, experiencing a new dimension of God's Spirit and grace."

The Bible

'Words From the Lord' Cannot Supersede the Bible

How do we "test every spirit" and avoid false teachers?

pensacola outpouring

3 Birthmarks of a Real Move of God

There are always certain birthmarks of a real move of God in a church or a city. Here are the ones we witnessed in the testimony of this unnamed brother and the work he is doing.


Cindy Jacobs’ Prophetic Vision Reveals Key That Unlocks Wisdom

"If you could get everything in your natural knowledge you would not seek Me, you would not spend time to seek Me," says the Lord.

Rye bread

Study: Gluten Linked to Brain and Nervous Disorders

Here's how gluten—which is found in wheat, rye and barley products—can trigger neurological issues within your body.

How to recognize the difference between denomination-led movements and the work of the Spirit.

12 Earmarks of a True Apostolic Movement

There is a global apostolic movement that is shaking Christianity and expanding the church as never before. Here's how to recognize it.

Evangelist Morris Cerullo just returned from a West African tour.

83-Year-Old Morris Cerullo Wages Spiritual Attacks Against Forces of Darkness

Witch doctors and demons don't stand a chance when he hits their land.

woman against a wall

Are You Worried That You're Going to Miss God's Plan?

"I was just talking to a young woman who is feeling like she has ever so many things she wants to do for the Lord, but her life doesn't seem to be going anywhere."

Are you spending quantity time with your son as well as quality time?

10 Things Your Son Needs From You

What do you think is the most important thing our sons need from us as fathers?

The Dome of the Rock, which is known to the Jews as the Temple Mount. The Temple Institute has rebuilt the altar for the Temple of the Lord.

Altar of the Lord Rebuilt in Jerusalem—A Sign of the Times?

End-times prophecies appear to be coming true left and right. Is this the next fulfillment?

What is the biblical and prophetic symbolism of a blood moon?

Are the Blood Moons Really Prophetic Signs From God?

Biblical prophecy certainly speaks of a blood moon, but are we reading too much into these occurrences?

Ignoring these signs could mean the difference between life and death.

9 Signs of Improper Blood Circulation

Ignoring these signs or simply brushing them off could mean the difference between life and death.

When coming under spiritual attack, prayer is your most effective weapon.

8 Signs You Are Under Spiritual Attack

Believers are often blindsided by attacks from the enemy. Here's how to recognize and overcome them.

Lee Grady and some of the women he is helping in India through the Mordecai Project.

Let's All Help Lee Grady Help Suffering Women

The former Charisma editor heads up the Mordecai Project—helping suffering women around the world. Here's how you can contribute.

Punch fist

A Season of Spiritual Warfare: Jezebel’s Witchcrafts Rising

As demonic activity increases, people report feelings of oppression, fatigue, strong warfare against the mind that makes you feel like quitting and even physical manifestations for which doctors can't find a reason.

10 Ways to Release God's Healing Power

Learn what the Bible really says about stirring up the supernatural gift of healing, and how it can take hold in your life. 

Rabbi and New York Times best-selling author predicts what the Shemitah will bring in 2015.

The Shemitah Unraveled: What 2015-2016 Could Bring

Blood moons and eclipses are dramatic, but have you heard about the "Super Shemitah"?

Do you REALLY want revival?

False Teachers and True Revival vs. False Fire

There is a desperate need to preach and proclaim God's Word with genuine power if we are to experience true revival.

crazy man holding bible

This Teaching Is Dangerous for Women

Here's why teachings, such as a woman can only find God's purpose for life in marriage, are dangerous. 

Brad Smith

This Fitness Program Helps Pastors Take Back Their Health

Has the enemy convinced you that you're too busy to take care of your body? Find out how you can get help getting back in shape.


A New Prophetic Generation Is Rising

"I believe God the Father is raising up a new prophetic generation that is going to seek to put to death every idea in people's minds regarding words that are associated with prophets and the prophetic movement."

Gates of Heaven

How Do We Make an Entrance Into God’s Presence?

Not only are there dark gates of the demonic worldly, but there are also good gates of the heavenly world—God's kingdom. Here's how to make it past the gate.

Creflo Dollar

Why Creflo Won't Be Getting My Dollars

I will not be sending Creflo Dollar $300 to help him buy a $65 million jet for his ministry. The very thought of it is obscene.  

woman kisses man in hospital

When a Loved One Is Dying

Most people want privacy in their fight for someone's life. But this woman is calling for everyone to wake up to what they can for those who are in a fight.
Men and women

10 Men Christian Women Should Never Marry

Please take my fatherly advice: You are better off single than with the wrong guy.

woman in ministry

How God Equips You for Your Calling

Being an introvert and in constant pain could have stopped this woman from becoming a speaker and a writer.

There is a great deal of responsibility when it comes to dating and courtship.

A Practical and Biblical Understanding of Dating and Courtship

It may sound old fashioned, but take this advice from someone with a successful marriage of 34 years and five children.

6 Different Types of Prayer

Did you know there are several types of prayer discussed in God's Word? Using the wrong type of prayer may hinder you. Learn the different ways to pray.

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