Step Out of the Boat
Cam Newton became a hit with the fans this season, but like many of us, he may need some maturing.

An Open Letter to Cam Newton

Cam Newton, you may not care about your behavior after the Super Bowl right now, but remember this: God loves love you and wants a relationship with you.

Jamie Buckingham on location in Israel

48 Days Before Easter: The Dead Sea Scrolls

This daily video devotional chronicles the teachings of Jamie Buckingham, a leading charismatic Christian preacher who wrote more than 45 books prior to his death in 1992. In today's video, he teaches on the significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Jesus' baptism.

From Charisma magazine

Prophetic Art That Points to Salvation

By Troy Anderson

The fine art book inspired by the Gospel of Matthew is taking Yeshua's love for the "multitudes" to the world.

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